The Very Strange Metal Ball Dude


This is one of the strangest dudes I have ever interviewed. This video is also a tutorial on how to share your faith with very strange dudes!

Camera: Val Scott Editing: Barrett Sanders, Peter Johnson


  1. Nice job. Yoiu handle this very well. I continue to learn from you example. Thanks. Steve.

  2. Nice work, Steve. I like the video work as well. Kudos to your team. Bless you all.

  3. Good job Steve, we all are learning from you…

  4. Metal Ball Guy and me have a lot in common. I had my own understanding before a Christian witnessed to me. And now I say what an awesome God that would forgive a sinner like me.

    Now, I’m not perfect, but, I continue to run the race set before me and when I fall, I ask God, my Father, to forgive me and he does and he forgets my sin as far as the East is from the West. And I keep pressing on to the day of my perfection.

    So, Metal Ball Guy, I hope to see you on Saturday, so as I can witness to you too.

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