The Seed Sower Song


“What difference will all your evangelism efforts make?”

Have you ever heard a skeptic ask that one? We all know that when sharing our faith we are planting and watering seeds, but it’s God Who causes them to grow. If you are tired of the doubtful casting stones upon your witnessing wisdom, then sing this little song as a reminder that all your evangelism efforts are not in vain.

This two minute song was written by our church’s Children’s Worship Team and it will leave you hummin’. Yee-Haw!

If for some reason you can’t see the video, click here!

See an animated rap video homage to our church’s use of the Million-Dollar Bill Gospel tract here! It was done on computer by a 12-year-old girl!


  1. The seeds we sow they will grow! Go HERB!!

  2. Sounds good, but it’s only part of the truth. Jesus told Peter he would actually catch men, not just fish for them.

    And when Jesus tells his followers that other men sowed so they could reap it shows that God uses men to reap as well as sow.

    The “I’m only planting seeds” idea to the exclusion of the reaping part is unbalanced. Paul said, “We PERSUADE men …” believe it or not, some experts in evangelism teach the opposite … go figure … scripturally, preferably

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