No Fear of the Lord


In case you haven’t noticed, the world has changed—a lot. There is no fear of God anymore.

God in the minds of many people is a great, big, generous Sugar Daddy in the sky who will not hold anyone accountable for their actions.

Everyone does what is right in their own eyes…

This is why our our evangelists have taken to the streets in a very determined manner: To remind people that if they have broken God’s moral standard, the 10 Commandments—even just one—then they will be found guilty on Judgment Day and pay for their sins in Hell, unless they repent and trust in the Savior Jesus Christ.

Inspired by the words and actions of preachers from the past, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, A.W. Tozer, etc., I preached a sermon on the fear of the Lord last weekend concerning the problems we face in America because we lack this fear. If you’d like to hear this, then click here to listen to the Quicktime version or click here for the MP3 version (recommended).

To see how far we have fallen in reverencing and fearing God, see the horrible “Clown-Administered” Eucharist service from a very lost Episcopalian church in New York here.

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