Clown Communion


This is what happens when the Biblical Gospel is not preached.

When you first view this video you will at first shake your head in disbelief, then have mixed emotions ranging from laughter, to horror, to sadness, to disgust.

This is an actual clown-led Eucharist service from Trinity Church at St. Paul’s Chapel in New York, using clowns to administer the sacred elements. The choir is also full of clowns. They are serious. This is not a joke. They are in practice, mocking Christ who bought them. (Thanks to our friends at for adding the musical soundtrack.)

Watch the reactions of people who attended this service here.
Read church leadership justifying the use of clowns here.


  1. This is just sad. No it’s beyond sad. No it’s pathetic. It’s no wonder the world hates Christians. And then you’ll have people like this tell us to lighten up. The Postmodern world just gives me a migrain!

  2. Ugh! This is ecclesiastical buffoonery at it’s worst! But ponder this: if you take the theatrics away in a place and service like this, what are you left with? Do not the painted faces and colorful costumes only serve to magnify the obvious emptiness within? “Pathetic” for sure.

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