The Everyday Club Report for September: The Facebook Option


It’s that time again to report in on how well you did with your evangelistic commitment. Ya still in? I hope so. Would you like to join? Click here for details.

With the movie “The Social Network” opening today I wanted to remind you about another neat way to share your faith using “The Facebook Option.” It’s not what you think. Read on.

Facebook is an incredibly popular social networking site that has over 500 million active users. Here are some statistics:

  • 50% of active users log on everyday.
  • Average user has 130 friends.
  • Average user spends more than 55 minutes a day on Facebook.
  • About 70% of users are outside the USA
  • More than 700 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each month (worldwide)
  • There are more than 150 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.

Facebook can also be incredibly banal and boring with people posting such things like what cookie they ate, or that they drank a glass of water, or just woke up. Who cares?

Why not redeem the site by giving the Gospel to people you don’t know?

When you are on Facebook, choose a few names that you’ve never heard of. (Don’t do too many at a time; it’s called site abuse.) Everyone wants to be your friend, even if they don’t know you; then post some messages or posts from evangelistic blogs (like this one). Do a different post everyday and every time you are on Facebook add a few strangers as friends. You’ll never know who you might be reaching.

Jesus did say “Go into all the Web and preach the Gospel….”

Didn’t he?

If you’d like to be my friend, you can find me at


  1. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or have at least one daily 1-2-1 conversation and preach in the open air when I can.

    Here’s how I did:

    I missed my goal on one day. Here’s how I did on the other days:

    470 tracts handed out.

    75 personal conversations, a lot of them in large groups.

    9 open air sessions

    1 inner air session (speaking in church).

  2. My goal is to hand out at least one tract per day.

    I missed 7 days.

    The good news is that this is the MOST faithful I’ve been in the three months since I began actively evangelizing.

    I did 9 full 1-2-1’s, and several more short conversations (that I wouldn’t call a full 1-2-1).

    I gave out a total of 258 tracts.

    I was also privileged to be a part of the 500 after the Deeper Conference (which ended up being only about 200 people). It was awesome to have so many of us infiltrating the darkness of the Oktoberfest in Cincinnati, Ohio. 🙂

  3. By God’s grace, I had a one-to-one gospel with someone every day. As usual, I post stories of these conversations each day at After pursuing this goal for over a year, it’s becoming a natural part of my day. God’s love is casting out the fear!

  4. I’m curious Steve, I’ve seen your one on one preaching encounter numerous times on Youtube, when you preach total obedience to the ten commandments and belief in Jesus Christ do you provide the people who are actually genuinely interested any information on which churches or christian communities to attend to, or do you believe that if a person mentally asks Christ for forgiveness and adheres to the ten commandments and acknowledges they’re a sinner that guarantees them a place in Heaven without practicing any particular sect of Christianity?

    • To vintango,

      If they are interested, I give them a special “evangelistic” church bulletin that tells of our ministries, including how we feed and take care of the homeless. It also tells of our service times and includes all my info. I also give them a Gospel of John with my contact info. After they read the Gospel of John I will send them a full bible. I also like to give them a 10 Commandments penny as a gift.

  5. I have kept my goal up in September to get tracts out everyday in some way. My biggest day this month was on September 11th when I got between 50 to 80 tracts out in about ten mintues. My slowest day was at the end of the month (the 29th or 30th) when I missed getting anything out. I pray that the month of October God would help me do more in the area of evangelism. Please pray for me. God bless you all here!

  6. I handed out over 1000 tracts this month. I did not miss a day that I know about for handing out a tract. I open air preached 3 times this month and had 6 out reaches. 1 of them was a booth and they are a lot of work to setup but they are the funniest and least stress since people come right up to you wanting you to tell them the Gospel.

  7. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or have at least one daily 1-2-1 conversation and preach in the open air when I can.

    Here’s how I did:

    I missed 4 days.

    I passed out 1, 421 tracts.

    I did 54, 1-2-1’s.

    I preached on the OA, 15 times.
    to about 670 folks.

  8. My goal is 5 tracts a day or one one-to-one conversation, and to open air preach whenever possible.

    I did good with the open air preaching. However, I only hit my tract/conversation gaol about 12 times. The other days I tried, but did not always reach my goal.

  9. 2 Crosswalks
    3 Open Air
    13 Gospel Conversations
    280 Gospel Tracts

    May God be glorified, ALWAYS.

  10. I was able to hand out gospel tracks most every day and sometimes many per day. I took our mens group out and went to our local Kmart and passed them out. I taught a 3 week (3 Sundays during Sunday school) and taught a mini evangelism class and several are preparing to go out with me and pass out tracts and do some one on one. Keep up the good work Pastor Steve I enjoy your web page daily.

  11. I would love to be friends on Facebook with any and all evangelists. I really do cherish the fellowship of like-minded believers!

    My goal is to share my faith everyday, using words if at all possible. But, I at least hand out tracts daily. This month, summer ended and school started. We moved from the fishing hole at Newport Beach Pier onto the UC Irvine Campus, where we intend to appear twice a week. During rush week, we handed out over 3000 tracts and had many one-one presentations of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One liberal Christian told me that my efforts were fruitless on him. I remarked that I was not there to pick the fruit, but to plant the seeds. Because we were able to talk, I’m sure God’s Word removed some of the hardness, weeds, and rocks allowing for a good planting of Truth, that I pray will grow up to eternal life. May God bless you. Be pleased as He is pleased.

  12. So September was super crazy!! Had periods of ups and down on evangelism due to my school and work school but, still only missed 5 days!! Thank you Jesus. I passed out probably close to 100 tracts, got into 50 one-2-one conversations and open air preached twice!! The Lord is good and faithful and 99% of the evangelism was done with just me due to my schedule. Just be encouraged, even if it’s just you out there, remember your not alone, be bold for the Lord and unashamed for the gospel!

  13. 500 tracts
    20 open air preaching(some on the same day just different locations.)
    Last day of the month Agents for Christ came to our church and we went to Market Square to do video interviews. They stayed yesterday(Oct. 1.) but i will leave that for OCT. posting. I will however will post my adventures on my blog.
    1 open air pray with individual.
    2 Thursday jail ministry day encounters with men in lockdown(i.e. the hardcore crimes.) Whoot!
    Unique tracts: A husband and wife in the Philippians sent me home made tracts for free as their personal ministry.(Modern day Aquila and Priscilla).

    BTW….Has anyone notice a little more hostility from people lately than normal hecklers in the past month? It seems to have increased out here in the Bible Belt. Especially, from nominal/social-gospel church people.

  14. Hi everyone!!!
    Well, 1st I’d like to tell ya I was in Hays,ks and walked in and gave a young lady a million and she said what is it, I said it’s a gospel tract.. She said whats that? I said read the back of it, Then I went next door to get my DQ cone and came back and she was about to help another customer and I asked her if anyone has every given one to her before? and she with that very serous NOoooooo! with a slightly reder face then before and she said that she’s been meaning to go back to church and I told her it wasn’t about going to church while she was still helping the customer and I wrote down several websites like and wretchedradio. and then I had to leave, she is in God hands, I know He is going to save her.. But i do look forward to stopping in and see if she is still there and what the latest. To God be the Glory!

  15. I’m now in Bentlyville,pa and already passed out some early today and a couple a few mins ago and now I am going back inside to see if I can get a conversation started while I’m doing laundry at the Pilot trk stop..

    Time to order more tracts.
    Later all

  16. Well, No fish..
    Would like to share a story of some time ago.. I was at a shipper and handing out tracts and one driver of my own company said no thanks. I said okay. To make a long story short. He was going to the same receiver that i was and i got up there and delivered my load and went to the truck stop and parked, the next morning I went to the rest room and like normal I leave tracts and I had just folded and dropped one on the floor just before leaving, Well as it turned out the same driver who wouldn’t take it at the shipper entered the rest room at the same time i was leaving and pushed open the door and saw money and reached down and picked it up and put it into his pocket as if i didn’t see it while i was talking to him.

    So. He got it anyway! Tell me God isn’t Awesome!!!!!!

    Again to God be the Glory!!!

  17. I found a tract today. It was about AIDS.

    A bit of a limited audience there.

  18. I handed out at least one tract 23 of the 30 days in Sept. The preaching of his Word always accomplishes His purposes, and a tract can do it when the recipient has time to read the message. Praise God.

  19. 30 Gospel conversations
    75 Gospel tracts handed out
    7 Open Air Sessions

    I thank God for you, Steve! Here’s a brief posting on our ministry blog on how the Everyday Club has impacted my life and witness:

  20. 10 Gospel conversations
    185 Gospel tracts passed out
    6 Open Air Sessions

    I did as much O/A preaching in September then I had in my whole life!!!

    Thanks Steve, :)))

  21. Hooray!!! I only missed one day this month. Went to the Alamo twice to pass out tracts and have 1-2-1’s and actually open aired at the 500 in Cincinnati. I passed out at least one tract every other day but one. Praise God! To Him goes all the glory!

  22. Sorry I’m late in reporting. My Mother just went home to be with Jesus.

    For September, I missed my goal 5 times.

    Total contacts: 131
    Carried my cross 2x

    Took some of Tony Miano’s “In Times of Crisis” to the ICU waiting room at the hospital where I went when visiting my Mom.

  23. In September, I handed out tracts 27 out of 30 days. If 1-2-1 s are sharing the complete gospel instead of just handing out a tract, I had 4 1-2-1s.

  24. I missed a few days.

    handed out 25 hells best kept Secret CD’s

    handed out about 4000 tracts this month

    open air preached 4 times

    Did a Origins of Species book give away.

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