New Classes: What’s Your E-vangie Tale? # 41


Charles Finney (1792-1875) wrote: “Make it an object of constant study, and of daily reflection and prayer, to learn how to deal with sinners so as to promote their conversion. It is the great business on earth of every Christian, to save souls.

“People often complain that they do not know how to take hold of this matter. Why, the reason is plain enough; they have never studied it. They have never taken the proper pains to qualify themselves for the work. If people made it no more a matter of attention and thought to qualify themselves for their worldly business, than they do to save souls, how do you think they would succeed? Now, if you are thus neglecting the main business of life, what are you living for? If you do not make it a matter of study, how you may most successfully act in building up the Kingdom of Christ, you are acting a very wicked and absurd part as a Christian.”
—From his sermon “To Win Souls Requires Wisdom”

Here are the last two evangelism classes of the year, one adult, one children. Again I ask the question: Who will persevere to the end given the norm of a 50% drop-out rate?

Write your evangelistic stories and put them in the “comments.”

Every third week I’ll bring this post back to the top of the blog. Remember students, you get one bonus point for every three sentence adventure that you write about.

Even if you are not a student in my class I welcome you to share your own evangelistic adventure in the comments section.

My teaching notes are now available online by clicking here. I can even mail you a hard copy for free! Send me an email at if you’d like them.


  1. Oh Presbyterian sect, probably not a true christian like yourself then.

  2. Charles Finney is absolutely right! If our main function as Christians is to search for souls to share the Gospel, why wouldn’t everyone seek training and guidance in how to do it. We spend years in training for a profession, to earn money, which is temporal, yet we ignore the most important job of evangelism, with which our Creator has entrusted us as His ambassadors, and co-laborors! Very sad. Repent everyone, and be diligent to obey Jesus, if you truly love Him. The Great Comission is a command, not a suggestion. God gives wisdom and understanding to those who fear Him. Those who fear Him, will live according to His teaching. Study the word.

    For not the hearers of the law are just in the sight of God, but the DOERS of the law will be justified. That’s right. God makes it clear to those who truly KNOW Him. Faith without works is DEAD! James 2:17, 24. And love will cover a multitude of sins. For if one truly loves his neighbor, he will be concerned about his eternal destiny, thus will do whatever it takes to warn him! But, God says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge! “Get wisdom, get understanding! Do not forget or turn from the words of my mouth, do not forsake her, and she will preserve you; Love her and she will keep you. Wisdom is the principal thing, Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding”. PROVERBS 4:5-7

  3. I also highly endorse Steve Sanchez’s evangelism class. I have taken it myself, and it is very thorough in didactics, and actual street evangelism. Bring all your friends to class, and get excited about sharing in God’s work!

  4. Thank you Carol for your strong words in your first post! We all need to grow in our relationship and fall more in love with Jesus Christ. If this is taking place then doing good works will not be a burden but a thrill! It will be more than a desire but come from our changed will by the power of the Holy Spirit to do evangelism. Just thought I would say that! God bless!!!

  5. Hit the McDonalds drive thru.. after I got my food I gave the guy a million dollar traCT and told him it was a gospel traCT with the million dollar question on the back. I said “its yours to keep” as I drove away.

  6. I am excited about this class. I look forward to strengthening my ability to share Jesus with others and to more bodly proclaim what He has done for me. I think the million dollar tracts are a fun way to open the door with people to share the gospel.
    As for an evangi-tale, I had an opportunity to give a million dollar tract to a gentleman in Santa Monica whose job it was to hold umbrellas for shoppers on 3rd street promenade when it is pouring down rain. I didn’t have an umbrella that day and was standing under a tree. He came to me with an umbrella and told me it was his job to walk shoppers to where they needed to go with umbrellas so they didn’t get wet. What a nice man to do this job!
    At the end of our couple blocks after chatting for a bit I pulled out my million dollar tract and gave it to him. He initially refused it bc he thought it was real money and I ensured him it wasn’t money but something much better and slipped it into his pocket.
    I know this is a small step in engaging people in conversations about the gospel of Jesus, but I am looking forward to continuing in this class and more opportunities like this 🙂

  7. When my teacher Vince came over for a homeschooling session, we began to discuss one of the questions that he gave me. It was about making a difference in your society and he asked me what I was concerned about in my own society. “I’m concerned for all of the people destined for Hell,” I replied. I then asked him if he believed in Heaven and Hell.

    Then we entered into an in-depth conversation about religion. He had researched religion before and had come to the conclusion that he didn’t believe in any particular religion, but did believe that there was a higher power. I explained to him that God existed through one of Ray Comforts methods shown on the Figherfighter video. He left and didn’t show any signs of believing what I had said. He did take the million dollar bill with him though.

  8. My math teacher came over the next day. I showed her the million dollar bill and she took it, laughing. As she left I told her that I was praying for her and she smiled.

  9. Today I had to go to an appointment at the physical therapy place on Prospect. I had handed one out to my therapist Scott a few days ago, but today I handed them out to the rest of the staff. They all laughed as they realized that it was fake and I encouraged them to read the back. They began reading it (I could tell because they were flipping the bill around to read it) as I left. Then, in the waiting room (as I waited for my ride home), a lady opened the door and signed in, proceeding to sit and wait. Just before my ride arrived, I told her, “Excuse me, I wanted to give you one of these,” she took it casually, “there is a message that I wanted you to read on the back.” She too began to flip it around reading it. That was an encouraging day for me at physical therapy.

    The same day I also went to Target with my brother to buy some toothpaste and pick up my medicines. As we paid for our stuff, I handed her a million dollar bill. “I can’t take this, it is not a real bill,” she said. “No, I know that. It has a message on the back that I wanted you to read.” She then accepted it and began flipping it around and reading it as we left. Another encouraging moment for me that day.

  10. I just wanted to encourge everyone with a very easy way to hand out the tracts probably this weekend. I went to the store today and there were some boy scouts selling popcorn. I told them I would buy a bag from each of them if they would do me a favor. I told them I had something I wanted them to read with thier parents. I took out some million dollar bill tracts and gave each of them one. They asked me what is this? I replied a gospel tract. They asked what is that? I proceeded to tell them that a gospel tract tells them the good news about God. I told them we have all broken Gods’ commands and do not deserve to go to heaven, but the good news is we can. I told them on the back has the ten commandments. I wanted them to read it to thier parents and talk about it. I told them it also tells them how to get to have thier sins forgiven and how to get to heaven if they read the whole thing. Much to my delight one the boys said oh really. His eyes lit up. He ran to the other side of the store. I gave an extra one to the lady that was taking the money after I paid for my goodies. When I left I noticed the really excited boy was reading it to an adult and the other kids on the other side. Who knows maybe there will be a future Charles Spurgeon there if you know his conversion story. This was probably one of the easiest ones I have ever had and I bet if anyone is approached by a boy scout reach out to them with a tract. I bet they will take it. In Christ !

  11. I met with a gal Evelyn for coffee. We spoke about her living arrangements. She’s been with a boyfriend for many years and claims to be a Christian. She believes the 10 Commandments are old testament and don’t apply today. How do we overcome that one?

    I went to Albertson’s and saw two gals and a cute baby in a stroller. I made small talk about a cute baby. Then I handed each adult a $1M tract. I said the real riches are on the back and told them to be sure to read it.

    At McDonald’s was a cashier who wasn’t smiling. I placed my order and handed him a $1M tract. He got a huge smile and asked “for me?”. I said yes and be sure to read the back.

    I was standing outside of Starbuck’s talking w/ someone. A lady who looked homeless walked by and I handed her my snack bar. She didn’t take it and I wished I’d had the $1M tract handy to give to her. She walked away without one.

    In the elevator at work, I make it a point to have a $1M tract with me. If it works out, I hand one to the last person getting off before I do. At times there are more than one and I chicken out as one has to be careful within corporate America.

    At Albertson’s I did my shopping and had not yet passed out any tracts. So I prepared to do so at the checkout. I had a gal who wasn’t very quick at checkout. I exchanged “money” with her saying the million dollar riches are on the back and be sure to read it. I don’t think she picked up on what it was due to more customers behind me.

    More times than not, I’m out and about and don’t have a tract on me as I carry only my wallet without a purse. One of my goals is to figure out a way to carry Tracts in a manner that works. I started carrying a couple (two) with me and that makes it easy to know how many I’ll hand out.

  12. Lori, the leadership of my old Scout Troop would have not tolerated such manipulation of children. Shameful.

  13. Today I was going to work out at my place of employment. I noticed one of my co workers cleaning the parking lot. At the time I was actually walking in with my boss having a conversation with him. Something intrigued me to give my co worker one of the million dollar bills and ask him the million dollar question. So I asked him if he ever got one, and did he know the million dollar question. I did not want to take him away from his work so asked him if he would read it and let me know his thoughts. He verified that I was going in to work out and said he would look for me. While I was working out we ran in to each other and he said, ” I don’t know.” I aksed him does that mean you don’t know about the tract, or you don’t know if you would go to heaven. He replied to heaven. So we discussed how all of us have broken at least one if not all 10 commandments and do not deserve to go to heaven. I discussed the saving power of Jesus and repentance. He told me he went to another church and had at one time made a profession of faith, but this tract really made him think about things. He also confessed that he had not been in church for a while, but realized he needed to get some things right in his life including going back to church. I reminded him that if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. While we were having our discussion a lady was next to us the whole time. She I know is a doctor. She was smiling while we were talking. But left right before we were done. I am praying that tomorrow God gives me an opportunity to talk with her. Thank you so much for your comments Garrett. That lets me know you read my comments, and I look foward to your comments on this one. Also, I believe your are intelligent enough to know that now you are responsible for your response. In Christ, Lori

  14. Lori really encouraging posts!!! Keep it up! God bless you and your zeal for preaching the gospel! Pray that I would have the same zeal, please!

  15. So one of this weeks assignments has been to ask the Million Dollar question to two people. I have two friends in mind who I have close relationship with who are non believers. Since I have never asked anyone this question ever in my life, I have chosen these two people because they would be the easiest since I already have relationship with them.
    My first friend is a girlfriend I have had for a few years from overseas. She has been a good friend to me. I believe the Lord has put it on my heart to minister to her in practical ways by living out my Christianity the best I could before her.
    The other day we were having lunch at a cafe in Santa Monica when I brought up the idea of heaven and hell to her. In past times we have always had conversations about our beliefs, and she has literally been all over the map. She was raised catholic but believes in past lives, tarot cards, etc. So anyway the other day at lunch I asked her if she died today would she go to heaven or hell. She responded by saying she didnt belive in hell because she thought that hell was already here on earth. She did say that she believed in heaven. I asked her if she thought she would go there if she died. She said yes. I asked her why. She said because she was a good person and would do anything for her friends. At this point I left it at that. I could not argue with her because in the past she has been a very good friend to me. I look forward to talking to her more about what the Bible says and continue to pray for her.

    The second person I asked this question to is another friend of mine who is devoutly Catholic. The other day I was at her house. She talks often about Saints that I have never heard of and praying prayers of penance that I don’t know about. All I ever ask her when she talks about these things is that if these prayers or saints are in the Bible because I had never heard of them. She says she didn’t know. Anyway, I was over at her house the other day and I didn’t even lead into the conversation or soften her up at all…I just flat out asked her if she dies tomorrow if she would go to Heaven or hell. She immediately said Heaven. I asked her why. She said again (surprise) because she was a good person! She went on to say that she had helped many people in her life (she works in civil service). I was intrigued by talking to her. The conversation eventually led to her sharing with me that as a Catholic she accepted Jesus in her heart to forgive her of her sins. Since I don’t know a lot about how to talk to a Catholic regarding this, I left it at that.

    I feel that the Lord has put these two in my heart and in my life at this present time for this reason to talk to them, minister to them, and live out my Christianity the best that I can. I continue to pray for them because there are times during conversations with these people that I simply don’t know what to say next, except encourage them and share what God has done for me. I am excited about this class and continuing to learn how to better and more boldy share Christ to people.

  16. SO this weeks assignment (in addition to handing out our tracks daily) has been to read the back of the million dollar bill to 2 STRANGERS. Last week I was nice and cozy in my comfort zone of passing out my tracks and walking away, as well as just talking to close friends about heaven and hell. This week has been a challenge! I love it.

    So far I have read the back of the track to one person. Here is what happened:

    So Saturday morning my fiance and I were returning from the church and he needed to drop me off at my car as he had a doctors appointment he was late for. My car was parked at his house and the weather was rainy and icky.

    He dropped me off and drove away. I jumped into my faithful dodge and attempted to start it. It wouldn’t start. I tried three or four more times with no luck. So, I did what any young woman would do who knew absolutely nothing about cars. I called AAA.

    30 minutes later I saw at white truck pull up outside from a local towing company. I walked outside.

    “GOOOOD MORNING!!!!” beamed a short little elderly man has be leaped from the truck down to the sidewalk. He has one of the biggest smiles I had ever seen and his accent was heavily middle eastern.

    “HI!” I greeted him and smiled. Instantly I recognized his accent as being Iranian (I have some distant Iranian relatives) and after exchanging some words in Farsi his eyes immediately lit up and he wanted to hug me. He said we were like long lost relatives! I offered him a high five instead but was amused with this little man and instantly thought of my million dollar tracts in my purse. I felt a voice inside me urge me that this would be the first one I would read the gospel to this week.

    As soon as I thought this, I instantly had a barrage of thoughts and fears from the enemy. I thought to myself “Sarah, surely you are nuts, you can’t talk to this man about Jesus. He’s probably muslim and he will hate you! Or try to hurt you or your car!”

    I asked God to please give me strength and help me. I didn’t know why I was so nervous. Anyway, we made conversation as he changed my car battery. I kept obsessively looking for my million dollar tracts. Finally after the repair and after I gave him my credit card he came for me to sign. We stood outside my car and after I signed for payment I pulled out my track. I explained to him that I was in a class from my church and wanted to give him a gift but that I needed to read the back to him. He obliged and on the street I read the back of the tract to him.

    When I was finished he asked me to sign it – kindof autograph it. I couldn’t tell if it imapacted him or not, but he touched his heart and and said that he appreciated it. He then proceed to do a little dance around my car and proclaimed many blessings over me. I am serious. He thanked me several more times and I thanked him as well and he drove away. I had to laugh at myself at how nervous I was to read the gospel to this man. I think my fears are my biggest enemy and I look forward to doing this more.

  17. Two of my friends from school came over to hang out on Halloween night. I’m not sure, but by what I have observed, I don’t think that they are Christians. We started talking about death which lead to talk about afterlife and I submitted to them that Heaven and Hell ARE real places. Then I talked about the way to avoid the burning lake of fire- repentance and trusting in Jesus. I also used the Ten Commandments method and I think that my message hit home plate because they became still and quiet due to their realization that they aren’t as good as they thought they were. So, before they left, I gave them each a million dollar bill and watched they read the back as they stepped out the door. I then prayed against any power or principality that would cause them to sin and look over God. I hope it works…

  18. Earlier today, my brother and I drove down to the beach to see my grandmother, who isn’t saved, and my aunt, who is doubting the Lord. The expected, “Michael!! So glad you came!” hollered from atop the staircase. I made my way up and sat next to my aunt in the kitchen. We were the only people in the room and God advised me, “Come on! This is the perfect time! You can do it!” So, with a heart filled with godly confidence I began by explaining how thankful I was to the Lord and how He has made me thankful for my illness. I continued to explain that by rejoicing in suffering, one gains perseverance, which brings about Godly character. Anyways, we talked a little while longer and I started tearing up as I explained the severity of Hell. After recuperating, I invited her to church and she said that she’d be there.

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