Sudden Death: Feed Mixer


A 32-year-old man was making repairs to a feed mixer at a hog production plant in the Rural Municipality of South Norfolk when he became trapped in the machine, RCMP said. The man died at the scene.

“Yes, the guy just didn’t push the emergency button and went into the mixer and I guess the computer decided it is the time of the day when they’re going to mix feed and he was in there.” Read the rest from The Carman Valley Leader


  1. Steve,

    Saw your interview with the professor that you’ve now posted on the site, I take it it was awhile back if you were doing that ‘handing out the altered Origin of Species campaign’ but I’m curious if you or anyone here for that matter has actually read the contents of Darwin’s book, or taken a class on evolutionary biology for that matter?

  2. Eh, Origins is best suited as a historical read these days. Taking a biology class with modern texts is a far better way to educate yourself on the topic.

  3. Yes, of course he’s kidding. We all know you wouldn’t dare defile yourself with that book lernin.

  4. No I wasn’t kidding Steve, unlike a lot of posters here, I’m not being sarcastic or trying to bait you into something, or trying to insult you, I’m genuinely curious about it. I mean its hard to dismiss something as a belief or nonsense if you don’t know anything about it, just like I say, read the Bible or the Koran before you pass judgement on something don’t just dismiss it outright, do the research and make the decision for yourself about what you believe.

  5. Vintango, we know the answer is no. Steve has the standard shallow understanding of science that you would expect from Ray Comfort, Tony, etc. Steve is the very model of a YEC. The classic “I don’t know science, but I know Evilution is wrong!”

    We know this because he used to post about it.

  6. Bathtub is correct. Go back to the postings after Nov. 18 of 2009 to see the context of all these conversations and what I believe.

  7. OK, so let’s see if I’m getting the concept here. You’re showing that death can be sudden and unexpected for us all, so we have to Come To Jesus now, lest our immortal souls be imperiled through our sinful ways.

    Is that why you post these obituaries that seem to have little relevance to the discussion at hand? Or since it was a hog-feeding accident, is there some connection to the kosher dietary laws that I”m missing?

  8. vintango – it actually doesn’t matter if Steve has read Origins or taken any sort of biology class. He’s convinced that it has to be a pack of lies, regardless.

    You can point out that his concept of evolution has nothing to do with the actual theory and you can show that the information he gets from creationist sites are untruthful – doesn’t matter.

    You can try to explain what the theory actually states and how it’s supported – doesn’t matter.

    The theory itself actually does not matter.

    Unless the TOE can support a literal reading of Genesis, it must be wrong. Because it’s ‘wrong’, he doesn’t feel the need to actually understand it or present it honestly.

    Logic, evidence and critical thinking have no place here. Magic, hearsay and unsupported belief do.

  9. I’ve read Origin of Species–Darwin shows very clearly he was not classically educated, as most of the chapters have a big touch of “and then a miracle occurs” a la the Far Side cartoon with the math proof. His conclusions really don’t necessarily follow from the premises.

    And the hog feed mixer thing….boy, what a reminder of the importance of “lock out tag out” procedures. I think I’ll send it to my company’s safety coordinator.

  10. Congratulations on reading an 150 year old book. I haven’t bothered to read the whole thing. Now have you tried reading a relevant book?

    It’s strange how Creationists idolize Darwin as if he’s some sort of religious prophet and everything he said was inerrant and perfect. It’s not.

  11. I’m sure you don’t mind citing where Darwin said “and then a miracle occurs,” right?

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