The Everyday Club Report for April: Take it for Granted?


I  recently received permission from a friend to post these two disturbing images. He said that they are now in the public domain via a recent YouTube video (about refugees). I debated with myself about displaying them here on this blog, but thought that timid Christians could reflect a little on the liberty we have in America, liberty denied our brothers and sisters who live in North Korea. These people do not have the opportunity to share their faith everyday.

What was the crime? Being a Christian.

A few friends of mine keep these photos in their bibles. They serve as reminders of the freedom we have in America to preach the Gospel. I, too, have taped them in my bible. I’m reminded that the time is short, so I’ll continue to share my faith everyday.

If you are still committed to sharing everyday, post your totals here. If you’ve lapsed, it’s never to late to start again. Thanks.

The Everyday Club is an opportunity for you to make an evangelistic commitment and report on it twelve times a year. (I post each report at the beginning of each month and send you an email reminder.) Wanna join? You can sign up by clicking here


  1. We have been dealing with some personal issues these past few months and I must admit, it has affected my passion for evangelism. I need to get back to it though.

    I have not met my totals for the last two months, but I have passed out tracts here and there … and stuffed some books here and there as well.

  2. I attempt to do His will in sharing every day.

    I forgot last month that on St Patrick’s Day I passed out 400 gospel tracts while standing on a corner with some fellow evangelist (in Cleveland).

    April – approx 125 tracts.

  3. ok…that picture did it. i’m totally convicted. God williing i’m going for all or nothing…everyday or not at all!!

    i didn’t share my faith everyday in April but…

    i’ve been trying my hand at a prayer table at our local farmer’s market Gospel tracts are on the table and i did pass them out to those who walked by. Gospel tracts and free Bibles are on the table.

    have had some good one2ones during the prayer table set up.


  4. I only was a member for 4 days this month and I felll short of my goal.

    Tracts: 9
    One-to-One Conversations: 1
    Open Air: 2

  5. I did not make my goal this month. I will start a new today.

  6. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or have at least one daily 1-2-1 conversation and preach in the open air when I can. Here’s how I did:

    I missed no days.

    1090 tracts handed out.

    43 personal conversations, some in large groups.

    19 open air sessions

    4 inner air sessions (speaking in church).

  7. My goal has been to have at least one gospel conversation a day and write about it in my blog daily, and to include other church members with me at least ten times. I want it as a discipline to become more natural to me also, in much the same way Bible reading and prayer have become, so I don’t keep close track of it. I don’t want my “left hand to know what my right hand is doing” if that makes sense, so I’m not going to look back at my blog to count up my totals but to the best of my memory, by God’s grace I met my goals.

  8. God gave me the opportunities and privilege to:

    preach open air 3 times
    engage 12 people in gospel conversations
    and hand out 310 gospel tracts.

    Glory to God!

  9. Gospel tracts estimate: 1200
    Preaching indoors: 2
    Salvation: 1
    gospel of John books: 8
    Letter to the editor about the Health care being signed on a Sunday as a slap to the face of the Government shaking their fist at God and declaring themselves to be the ultimate health care provider.

  10. So what is God’s health care plan, Robert?

  11. Missed 4 days this month.

    Total “contacts” = app. 220

  12. I passed out about 200 tracts this month and talked to about 10 people the gospel message.

    My goal for may is to pass out at least 1 tract a day and open air 2 times and talk to about 1 person a day.

  13. I handed out tracts on 2 days in April.

  14. I missed a lot of days, but did have some successes as well.
    tracts 300+
    open air preach 5 times
    Open air read Bible 5 times
    Had the cross out several times
    Gave away silver coin 10 commandments several people
    Gave away gospel of John books – about 4-5
    Several conversations – some short, some long – sharing gospel
    God bless you Steve and thank you for your godly example. You are an inspiration.

  15. We must never forget that we have this freedom but be mindful that our freedoms in the US are disappearing, so we should take advantage while we can.

  16. What freedoms are we losing, Bizzle?

  17. Not a bad month but as always should have been better.

    tracts – 300

    inner air – local prison

    one 2 one – 4

    God Bless !
    Mark 16:15

  18. I love passing out tracts or leaving tracts indoors public areas…bathrooms, food courts, seating areas, post offices, mailing tracts in returned envelopes for non profit non-Christian based organizations, parked vehicles, parades, outdoor music events, bars, eating establishments, bus depots, airports, in clothing at stores in the mall….especially Hawaii Shirt pockets and purses/men’s European side bags(IE murse…loose one man card if you carry one that doesn’t contain tracts.) Love doing one on ones with people.
    Now the Lord is directing me to create a website so when I pass out tracts that give a space to place contact info(example: Fellowship Tract League or Chick tracts) buy a stamp from Office Max to stamp the website on the tracts.

    Now when I look at the websites on different tracts, they tend to be geared towards the tract passer outer or to sell their tracts, etc.

    The Lord is directing me to create a website geared towards the Receiver of the tract. On the website, it will have the Gospel message, basics for new believers, list of Biblically based churches(dont want them led to a cult, a watered down emergent church, etc. ) So this will take time for me to research local churches in my area where I pass out tracts to ensure they are Bible based(not perfect but Sound Bible teaching places of worship) and can help the unbeliever or new babe in Christ as the Lord grows them. There are many other facets to the website, yet you probably get the premise of how the Lord is directing me.
    I have been given a few suggestions on web programs online. I am also praying for guidance on the website name.(simple to remember, not already taken, biblically) I have a few ideas, some where already taken, and some have given me suggestions(one is a little hokey, don’t really care for the idea but it is a brainstorm idea nonetheless). So pray for me on being patient and in consideration for the lost, on the creation of the website. To bring God glory and see many brought to faith and repentance in Jesus.

  19. Hi Robert,

    What ideas do you have for outreach to non-believers?

  20. Im not sure how many tracts or conversations I had but I know it was at least 2 personal conversations almost every day except maybe one day. It was truly a blessing to speak to so many people and be bold for Jesus, remember souls are at stake and its our job as Christians to reach those souls, I am reminded that everyday people are dying but the question becomes, do we care enough to do something about it! God bless all of my brothers and sisters in Christ here and around the world!

    Be bold in the Lord Jesus Christ and may his spirit be upon each of us!

  21. Nohm,

    Well I want to be able to reach the people who read the tract. The way most websites on pre-printed on the tract for the most part focuses on the giver of the tract.

    I believe the Lord has given me some opportunities to create a website with more in depth of spiritual content of the tract they read. This means constructing a multi-page site. One part will of course have a Statement of Beliefs.(since many religions have different viewpoints on religious matters, so I am going to provide a background to help my viewer know where this website stands on spiritual issues.)

    I see the need for feedback/comment section to answer questions to those visiting the site.
    If a person desires to visit a church, I will have links or information available about the local churches in my area that agree on the major issues of the statement of faith.

    There will be of course a reminder of the Christian Gospel presentation from the tract a person receives.

    Now to make it clear to others about my website, it will not a “Way of the Master” evangelism. I believe God can use multiple Biblically based evangelism and Christian growth helps. I liken WOTM as one of the tools in a tool box(say a hammer). If I am building a doghouse and I want to paint the doghouse, I don’t dip the hammer in the paintbucket to paint the doghouse, I use a paintbrush.
    So it is with Christian Evangelism, there are many Biblically based tools to use as you are being led by the Holy Spirit in sharing your faith or presenting a Bible study, etc.

    These are some of the ideas I have Nohm for the website. Since I am limited financially, I wont be able to do the job like Way of the Master does their website, just something to easily access and find information if you lived in my area of the country(Knoxville, TN).
    Now if someone outside the Knoxville area came to my website and was curious about finding a church say in a different part of the Country I would help the person in finding a church.
    Mainly, it will be geared towards those I pass out tracts to in the Knoxville area but willing to stretch to other areas on a case by case basis if an outsider to East Tennessee stumbled across it.
    Thanks for asking Nohm.

  22. Follow what is happening in the US. We lose freedoms with most laws passed.

  23. Hello Fellow Fishermen:

    My monthly goal is 1 one 2 one daily or 8 tracts daily : I missed 6 days

    I made 24 one to ones and about 120 tracts

    I’m still on board.


  24. Bizzle,

    Please give a few actual examples, and detail how those laws passed make us “lose our freedoms”.

  25. Health Care Bill requiring us to purchase insurance – no clause in Constitution nor Supreme Court ruling that gives Congress this power. Taxing us for not having it (which is what this fee is), doesn’t fall in line with Article 1, Section 9.

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