The Everyday Club Report for April: Meet “Mr. Gupta”


This is “Mr. Gupta” (not his real name). He is a visiting missionary to the States from a restricted country that was formerly part of the Soviet Union. I had the pleasure of his company a few weeks back when he accompanied me to my local college fishing hole where I share my faith weekly. He was in awe of the freedom we have to preach the Gospel uninhibited. You see, where he ministers he can’t even say the name Jesus because the phone lines may be tapped.

I showed him how easy it is to hand out Gospel tracts on campus using the Giant Money and the Million Dollar Bills. “You are allowed to do this?” he asked incredulously.

“Not only that…” I replied. “Follow me.”

I took him to the student union where about fifty kids were  sitting at outdoor tables. After handing them all Gospel tracts, I preached to them in the open air.

“They don’t stop you from doing this?” Mr Gupta sputtered.

“Nope. We have great freedom to preach in America. The sad thing is, too few Christians take advantage of that freedom.”

On the day that Mr. Gupta visited the campus he took full advantage of that freedom.

Have you?

Post how you did last month
in the comments section below.
Don’t quit!

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  1. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or have one personal Gospel-centered conversation, and open air preach whenever there’s an opportunity. Here’s how I did:

    I missed one day in fulfilling my goal. I handed out only eight tracts one day, falling two short. Here’s the rest:

    1048 tracts

    31 personal witnessing encounters

    18 open air sessions

    1 inner air preaching opportunity (inside a church)

  2. Two outdoor open air preaching.
    Estimated tracts passed out 500
    Mailed tracts of the credit card companies envelopes: 4
    One on One:2

    Last night of the month I came across the Chi Alpha college men. This is the Assembly of God Christian organization. They were in a group of 4 sharing their faith and getting drunk college men to a safe place and out of trouble and sharing the Gospel with a drunk college man. They prayed for me and were encouraged to see me as well as me to see them out doing late night evangelism down by the bar district near the college.

  3. This month has been really good. I have passed out tracts everyday, shared the Gospel one2one many times and have preaches for a big crowd at a Christian school (where 90%) actually responded to the messages of Salvation from eternati in He’ll through the blood of Christ 🙂

  4. I exceeded my goal of three tracts a day.

    At “Fiesta” in San Antonio, I handed out perhaps over a hundred tracts and had hours of various personal witness encounters.

    p.s. If anyone knows of a church in San Antonio that goes outside of its church building and preaches the Gospel (law-grace), please let me know what church it is. I’m having a difficult time finding anyone to fish with here 🙂

  5. By God’s grace I enjoyed a wonderful month of Easter witnessing!

    Here how it all shook down:

    > 250+ tracts passed
    > 75+ one-to-ones
    > 10 open airs
    > 2 inner airs

    It was also exciting to carry the cross and open air preach on Good Friday! Feel free to watch our team here if you have time:

    I thank God for you all!


  6. Overall I had a great month of April. The biggest evangelism that happened for me was that I was able to hand a tract out at work to one of the vendors that comes in once a week. It was his last day coming in before he was partially retiring. I had got to know him a little since starting to work at the same job for over a year now. I gave him a “thank you” card with a 15 dollar gift card and a million dollar tract. He really like the tract and proclaimed, “If this was real than I could really retire!” It was a blessing and I really believe that he was blessed by it! Praying for his salvation along with his wife’s salvation and healing for his wife who has cancer.

    Praying for another great month and stepping out of my too comfortable zone! Help me Jesus!!!

  7. My goal is to hand out at least 1 tract a day or have one personal Gospel-centered conversation. Here’s how I did:

    I missed a few days in reaching my goal per day but went over my goal other days so it kind of evens it out.

    about 250 tracts (went to local farmers markets)

    12 personal witnessing encounters (one to one, and Easter outreach)

    1 preaching opportunity inside a church (High School Ministry)

    Mailed tracts of the credit card companies envelopes: 45

    I also sent out some gospel centered emails

  8. My goal was to hand out at least one tract a day. Here is how I did for God’s glory alone!

    I did not miss any days this month,

    336 tracts and 10 1-2-1’s.

    Steve how can I obtain your signature “Are You A Good Person” that the receivers of the emails can click on taking them to the Good Person Test?

    Pastor Steve, thanks for your constant encouragement!

    • Thank you all for your faithfulness in posting here each month. You may not know this, but close to 150 have signed up for The Everyday Club yet only about 10% still report in.

      Well done! Stay the course.

      Eric, you can get the signature at, click on the “free stuff for webmasters” or something like that.

      The video referred to by Dale was an encounter with a very drunk man at the Pier and videoed by Chad and Scotty. You can see it on “On the Box” Tuesday and Wednesday or just click here:

  9. I fell short of my goal 7 days in April. Which is much better than the previous month. I had some great one to ones and was able to hand out many tracts. Also, on a side note, at my church we started the The Way of the Master course on April 10th! The reaction has been nothing short of overwhelming. There is such a hunger in the my church for evangelism training and these fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are loving it. It has been very exciting!!

  10. April brought a street fair with some 40-50,000 people passing through the downtown streets of our city. We had a booth entitled, “Is this life all that there is?” We handed out over 5000 tracts, Had opportunities to open air 4 times and had hundreds of one-on-ones.
    Steve {“the Pusher”} you had a great influence on the 8 members of our church at the Ambassador’s Acadamy in August 2010.
    Just woke up from having a Cinco de Mayo booth yesterday where we handed out another 2000 tracts and had many, many one-on-one’s from 11-7pm.

  11. For the month of April I missed about half the days of my goal of 1 tract per day. I did however attend 3 Saturday Evangelism outings to hand out a few hundred tracts each time.

  12. My goal is to initiate at least one Gospel conversation per day. It was a challenge because I’ve been really busy but by God’s grace I only missed three days this month. I would appreciate your prayers as I hope to become more bold in initiating conversations with those in a higher economic or social status than myself, and to bring fellow believers from my church along on my witnessing outings more often.

  13. Goal: at least 5 tracts per day

    I missed 3 days. Passed out about 500 tracts. Went 3 times to the Akron Aeros stadium – passed out hundreds of tracts the first day, but the last two days were not as active. Praise God that Rockin’ on the River begins on May 20! That is my favorite fishing hole.

  14. My goal was to pass out 10 tracts or 1 one2one conversation daily, I missed 2 days in April.

    Tracts passed out, 350 (estimated)
    one2one conversations-100
    open air-twice

    Praise God for this freedom we have in America, may we never forget these freedoms are provided by our courageous men and women serving in the military around the world! Thank you Jesus!

  15. Argh – missed 6 days this month. Goal was to share at least 1x a day. Fell apart when I got sick – again. Seems like I get sick about every month. Maybe due to horrible Cleveland weather? Oh, well. Can’t quit!

  16. My goal is to hand out at least 30 tracts per month, and this month I gave away 35.

    I was able to minister to the homeless one day.

    I went out with my own cross for the first time. My pastor’s wife went with me, and she gave away 11 tracts.

    I am grateful that the Lord keeps me going.

    I wish I knew where Beth was. I am close enough to her to evangelize with her. I work in the same Akron that Akron Aeros stadium is in.

  17. This is getting to be a more “normalized-everyday” thing.

    April included:

    300+ tracts
    25 one to ones
    5 open airs

    thanks to Steve for the place to be encouraged.
    Don’t Quit

  18. I missed 4 days in April. I had over a dozen one to one encounters. So far in May I am on track. I am determined to I my goal of passing out at least one tract every day to someone. My brother (Adam Collins) already posted this but I too am thrilled at our church’s response to The Way of The Master evangelism training coarse! We are so excited to see what the Lord does in the hearts of our local body here in Jacksonville! Our desire for this class is to equip our fellow brothers and sisters for the supreme act of worship in sharing the Gospel with the unsaved. I cannot thank God enough for His blessing in making this happen at our local church. Thanks for this site and for the accountability!

  19. Monthly Goal: average of 30 tracts and 4 one2ones

    I am glad to report I exceeded my goal on both.
    I handed out 61 tracts and had 6 one2ones.
    I also joined the Good Friday Project and was able
    to read the Bible open air style at our local market and
    at the park. My kids joined me too!

  20. I have moved by office into the offices of our church. It’s set up like an executive suite situation. Disadvantage is that I am not surrounded by unbelieving business man. Big advantage is that local evangelism efforts have been greatly enhanced! I’ve missed my goal by 3 days this month, had 3 open-airs, and over 30 one-one conversations. Looks like God is making a big push through our church, giving us the opportunity to teach evangelism classes, plus join the pastoral internship program! Looking forward to witness God’s glory here!

  21. I was able to pass 71 tracts this month!

    I also joined Good Friday Project and
    read some Bible verses on public.

  22. Well let’s see now…

    Hundreds of tracts, a dozen or so personal witness encounters, a few crosswalk events and 6 open air opportunities. Sorry, I’m not good at keeping numbers.

  23. Enjoyed the Mr Gupta story, by the way. Praise God. Thank you.

  24. My everyday club goal for 2011 is to do something evangelistic to spread the good news. It could be to pass out one or a hundred tracts; it could be to witness to one or more persons using the Law and Gospel; or it could be to preach in the open air; or in doors as the Lord directs.

    We missed our goal twice this month. To God be the Glory.

  25. My 2011 goal is to do something, do something, do something everyday. That can be passing out 1 tract to 100 tracts, 1-2-1 witnessing, open air preaching.

    For April, I Praise The Lord for another Month of Him using me and continuing to teach me. I was able to Evangelise everyday. This was my first full month of going to the DMV everyday before they open and preaching and handing out Bibles and tracts.

    I was able to join Hope Chapel at the Long Beach Grand Prix,where I had some great 1-2-1 conversations with people, passed out lot’s of tracts and brother Carlos and I took turns preaching for about 3 hours. We Publicly read The Scriptures and went into a Law & Gospel message throughout.

    And, this past weekend went to the Doo Dah Parade, which is an outreach that was definitely a great place to Preach The Gospel.

    To God Alone Be The Glory!!

  26. My goal on the everyday club is:
    *pass out 30 tracts a month
    *4 one2one’s a month

    This month I did:
    *pass out 130 tracts
    *19 one2one’s

  27. Sorry for the late report fellow seed sowers…..

    I have revised my goal to do something evangelistic everyday;

    – hand out a tract
    – 1 to 1 personal witness
    – 1 to a small group personal witness
    – open air preach

    For the month of April I missed 9 days……but was successful on 21 days!! Praise the Lord!

    I really enjoy open air preaching at the DMV in Torrance! On one Wednesday morning, a DMV supervisor came out of the building before they opened and admonished two hecklers to pipe down and let me deliver my message!!! I actually enjoy the heckling because its gets the attention of the line, and more perishing souls pay attention to the saving message of the gospel. On another Wednesday morning, two Jehovah Witness’s had set up an information table near the entrance, and I was moved to tailor a special message to refute their false teachings regarding Jesus……the two of them sat their with faces of stone.

    Keep up the faithful labor, fellow seed sowers!!

  28. Shared the Gospel in some way every day of the month! Here is my day by day report…

    1 – rangers opening day outreach. Three of us distributed 3,500 tracts. Went out for Mexican food afterward. Gave tracts to each employee we had contact with. Had a stack of zero dollar Spanish bills on the table. A couple of the servers saw the stack and we gave them enough to hand to all the Spanish speakers in the back of the restaurant.

    2 – rangers outreach.29 of us distributed 11,000+ tracts and open air preached for 2+ hours. Went to dinner after the outreach and gave out tracts to many of the people in the restaurant.

    3 – went to the store with my wife. Put tracts in egg cartoons and soda packs. See
    Gave a tract to woman handing out samples. Gave a tact to the cashier. Took a cart back for a woman in the parking lot and gave her a tract. See

    4 – evangelized in the Dallas west end. Handed out about 100 tracts. Had about six one on one conversations. Prayed with a Christian who was struggling. Packed the tracts for the May mailing of the tract club.

    5 – met a friend at a mall for lunch then spent some time evangelizing. Had three good one on one conversations. Gave out some tracts. Provided training to my friend on evangelism.

    6 – since I work from home I did not actually go anywhere all day. So I witnessed to some people on Omegle.

    7 – breakfast at ihop. Left tract with waitress. Gave tracts to three employees when leaving. First Thursday prayer for nation. Lunch afterward. Gave out tracts to three teens in line and shares the gospel with each of them. Gave out about five more tracts in the restaurant to staff and patrons. Went to Dallas stara game. Preached the gospel. Handed out over 1500 tracts.

    8 – several tracts at doctors office, officemax and going out to dinner.

    9 – put tract in credit card slot of gas pump. Gave a tract to the valet at dinner.

    10 – went to Dallas to cheer for a friend running a Marathon. Gave out a few tracts to spectators.

    11 – my youngest son and I went door to door to 50 houses. Hung door hangers. Had a couple one on one conversations.

    12 – had lunch at the mall with a couple friends. Shared the Gospel with several people. Handed out a dozen tracts.

    13 – Gave out tracts at dinner. Left a ONE tract at the restauant. See
    Gave out several tracts at the hospital when I went to visit my mom.

    14 – Gave a “got peace” tract to a gal at the hospital. Asked her if she had peace and she said yes. Stopped at a gas station on the drive home. Gave tracts to a couple of the people there. Had a good one on one with a shiek (from India). Talked to a man who is born again. Gave him a copy of One Thing you Can’t do in Heaven to read.

    15 – Handed out a few tracts at North Lake College when I went there to check on the logistics of witnessing there. Had a good one on one with one of the students. Gave a tract to the waitress when we went out to dinner.

    16 – Participated in an Easter Egg Hunt outreach at a church where we had provided Evangelism training to a number of members. Gave tracts to a number of the kids. Used the good person magnet box to share with tens. Several one on ones. Went to a movie with my youngest son. Handed out some of our new “movie preview” tracts at the theater.

    17 – gave out about 10 tracts at lunch. Found 15+ return address envelopes while cleaning off my desk. Put million dollar bill tracts into each one and put them in the outgoing mailbox. Went to Lowe’s and handed out tracts to all the employees who helped me. Left a tract with the gift card. See

    18 – Outreach at Brookhaven college at lunch. Broke in the whiteboard. Had a number of good conversations. Over 150 bottles of water and tracts. Dozens of one on one conversations. See

    19 – went to the mall at lunch. Handed out about a dozen tracts and had about six good one on one conversations with people. We were asking a “survey” to see if they knew what Easter was about. That lead to some good conversations.

    20 – Handed out a couple of new Million Dollar Bill tracts at lunch. See

    21 – Went to the Galleria Mall at lunch. Handed out a number of tracts. Had some wonderful one on one conversations.

    22 – Met up with Rick Moore of Open Air Campaigners and saw him use the sketch board. Got to share the Gospel with a number of people one on one using the last sketch. See
    Handed out a number of tracts at the ice cream shop.

    23 – Gave out a couple of tracts at the gas station.

    24 – Easter Sunday. Really did not have any plans to be anywhere where I did not think there would be believers. As is turns out, a family at the dinner we went to said they go to the LDS church. Got to have some spiritual discussions with them. Gave them tracts and the conversation is open to get back together and watch Joseph Smith vs the Bible together.

    25 – Took the Whiteboard to the West End Dallas DART Station. See

    26 – Gave out a couple of tracts.

    27 – Gave out a couple of tracts. Had a good one on one conversation with a guy at the gas station.

    28 – Took the Whiteboard to the West End DART station in Dallas. See

    29 – Handed out about a dozen tracts while eating breakfast and lunch out and also shopping at a couple of stores.

    30 – At the west end DART Train station in Dallas, handed out a hundred tracts or so. Had several one on one conversations. Ran into a couple of people who were handing out tract – including one who is a member of our tract club! Gave a spanish tract to a guy on the train. Left a tract in the credit card slot at the gas station!

  29. Well, I have no tracts, but I’ve done a fair amount of reading of the Living Waters site, and others and have only occasionally started some Christ-centered conversations.

    I know, I know…I’ve really got to do better. My apologies.

    I’m kind of going through a reorganizing stage of my life right now and I’m lucky to get any real free time at all.

    I of course have had almost no follow-up time so I’ve no idea if I’ve ever convinced anyone to give up that superstitious nonesense, but one can always hope.

    Oh wait…this thread is for people sharing the gospel in order to convert people to it?

    Oh. Never mind…

  30. Steve, forgot to report in on April. My best month so far, missed a few days, but have had some wonderful 1-on-1 lately. encouraged.

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