Picking a President

Super Tuesday is next week for Texas and there is one main issue that narrows the Presidential field for me…..

Who gets my vote for President of the United States doesn’t concern party, personality or prettiness.


Full disclosure: I’m a born again, Bible-believing, evangelical Christian who believes that Jesus Christ saves sinners from eternal Hell when they put their faith and trust in him and repent of their sins. I’m also a pastor. As such, I do hope that the leader of the free world would believe in God, and would be a Christian, (the only way to know God, by the way), but I understand that the U.S.A. is not a theocracy.

Now, through a process of elimination, I’m able to narrow the Presidential field, keeping in mind that my all-important issue must be addressed satisfactorily. (I haven’t mentioned it yet.)

First, I eliminate an entire party. Why?