Sudden Death: Swan


An Illinois man drowned in a pond after falling off his kayak when a swan attacked him, with his death ruled an accident Sunday.

The man was was working Saturday — as part of his job keeping geese away from a condominium complex near Des Plaines — when it is thought he got too close to a swan and it attacked him, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. Read the rest here.


  1. I still don’t understand what you are getting at…do you think it is funny or something?….why is someone dying from a goose more amusing to you than someone having a stroke?

    I understand that some deaths are unusual and people die of all sorts of things. I just don’t see why that is so fascinating to you. I am sure it is some sort of Christian thing, like baptism or communion or fish idols. It makes no sense to us non Christians though. I can’t find anything in the Bible about geese deaths being more noteworthy than stroke deaths but it could be one of those extra things that get added on by different denominations.

      • Can you just delete the above?

      • Yes, you are indeed showing that death can come at anytime – something of which all your atheist readers are aware. However these posts fail to show the following:

        There will be a judgment
        There is a deity that will throw us in Hell
        The existence of Hell
        The existence of this deity

        So, why do you continue these posts when they don’t accomplish their purpose?

        I don’t believe these posts are for the unsaved. I think they’re some sort of weird shout-out to your fellow believers. Why? Because only you’re fellow Christians seem to think they’re poignant. You need to keep redirecting us to your explanation. We keep saying, “Yeah, we all have evidence of death. So what?”

  2. Nobody has any idea when their death might come! You could live to be 90 or you could “buy the farm” one minute after you read this. As always, may I ask the question one more time; ARE YOU READY?

    Sure would hate to be in your shoes if you’re not!!!

    • Yeah….I’m not scared. I’m sorry you are.

      • Warning someone of Gods wrath is exactly like warning them that they have leprechauns in their nose. It could be true but there is no reason anyone would think so.

        Actually it is less likely…nose leprechauns, while completely unevidenced and unfalsifiable are not a proven impossibility, there in fact could be undetectable leprechauns living in my nose who are going to turn me into a waffle if I don’t believe in them. The Christian God however is proven to be impossible so your warnings are meaningless.

  3. No worries Steve I am ready. Got the, will, the trusts, the life insurance and all that.

    • The only life insurance you need is a surrendered life to Jesus Christ. Everything else is worthless.

      • I think the children and spouse might disagree about the will, trusts, and life insurance being “worthless”, literally.

      • That is just silly Glenn.

      • One thing is clear: you are all living for your best life now. Perhaps one day your own mortality will drive you to the cross.

      • Well in fairness to Glenn he is beng a “true Christian”, Christianity isn’t about ones family or anyone else, it is simply a selfish quest for personal paradise. Just listen to Steve, he isn’t trying to persuade anyone to his faith he is simply evangelising because it is something his God commands.

        I thiink the selfishness of the religion is why the faithful have no problem with the idea of enjoying personal paradise while loved ones are eternally tortured. For many non Christians the idea is abhorent. I for one, if any of this were real, would not accept salvation if even one person were to be tortured in Hell. Even if the only residents in hellfire were Hitler, Stalin and Osamma Ben Lauden, I would have to join them because it would be immoral to revel in the presence of a God that tortures his creations.

        Christians however see no trouble with it at all, they seem to believe that as long as they get their salvation they won’t be bothered that Grandpa is burning because he once lusted after a pretty girl.

        So really it makes sense that Glenn would see his personal paradise as being more important than seeing to the welfare of those he leaves behind.

        I however know that Hell and Heaven are just made up stories and that death is nothing at all to me, and is only important because of the effect my passing will have on others.

      • Jim’s vision is to inherit his parent’s beautiful house (as seen in the YouTube videos)

    • Glenn

      Of course I am living my best life now. As no one has provided any evidence that there are any other lives it would seem that it is quite smart to try to do good in this one.

      Of course that was not what I was talking about exactly. I was pointing out that since death means nothing to me, preparing for death by neccessity means taking care of those I will leave behind.

      Now if there were some reason to believe there were other lives that might be different, at least regarding my ideas of death, it still wouldn’t change that taking care of my wife and children would be my chief priority. Any God who would object to that is not one I would care to worship anyway.

      • Ryk, it’s a good thing that you take care of your family. Good job!

      • Thanks Steve but that wasn’t really the point. Taking care of ones family should be a given, not so much good as mandatory. However sadly it is not.

        Glenn commented that the things I mentioned regarding taking care of my family were worthless. I pointed out that such selfishness was consistent with Christianity where personal salvation takes priority over caring for others. In fact one could reasonably claim that placing the welfare of your family ahead of salvation is idolatry.

        Now of course as an atheist my priorities are different, I see no problem with placing my families welfare as priority one.

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