Sudden Death: Enema!

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I’m continually amazed at the ridiculous things people do that will ultimately cause death, suddenly. This is why there is an urgency in preaching the Gospel…

According to Join Together, an alcohol abuse treatment website, a Texas man died after receiving an enema full of sherry wine, and his wife was recently cleared of charges of killing him, the Associated Press reported Oct. 4.

¬†Michael Warner, 58, had a blood-alcohol level of .47 percent — more than five times the legal limit — when he died May 21, 2004. His wife, Tammy Jean Warner, was initially charged with negligent homicide in connection with his death by alcohol poisoning, but those charges were dismissed in late August because of lack of evidence.

Warner said her husband was addicted to enemas and often filled them with alcohol to get drunk.

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  1. it is quite difficult to recover from Alcohol Abuse because alcohol is also very addictive just like Cigarettes and drugs.:’`

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