EV Tips: Go Armless!


What should you do when you hand someone a Gospel tract, they read it, then hurriedly hand it back in disgust? Ray Comfort suggests that you go armless.

null Stick your hands in your pockets; twirl around like a whirling dervish; duck out; walk away. There is no obligation on your part to take back what you’ve given away. What can they do? Most likely your recipient will stick the tract in his pocket to read on another day. As you leave, gently remind the person holding his offensive Gospel paper that it is illegal to litter.


  1. What a GREAT tip!! I have been sharing my faith (along with our evangelizing stem) for 8 month and, most of the time, I just take back the MDB. A couple of times though, I suddenly became “EARLESS”. When someone read the MDB and approached to try to return it, saying, “HERE! KEEP IT!!!, I just became “deaf”, didn’t turn around or acknowledge hearing them, and continued on my way.

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