Saturday Evangelism: Redondo Beach Pier


No one had ever been killed while sharing their faith with our team on the Redondo Beach Pier. That’s one reason we are going there this Saturday. Meet us at Hope Chapel at noon to car pool.

Nope. No one ever got killed at the pier; someone did, however, get punched in the gut a few years ago.

Here’s an excerpt from a past post:

It was a Friday night and I went out alone to evangelize on the Redondo Beach Pier. I met another small group of believers and we went out together to share our faith. I gave a Gospel tract to a guy who had just come out of a bar. “What is this?” he asked.

“It’s from my church.”

“It’s about God?”

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Let me tell you something about God,” he said putting his face into mine, nose to nose. “I am God!” He started talking about how rough his life was. The more he described his past, the angrier he got.

Then he hit me right in the chest! Read the rest of this tragic incident here.


  1. Ok, so some crazy hit somebody. Big deal?
    Who cares?
    Your religion is still crap and a lie, and you shouldn’t be preaching in hopes of converting other gullible and ignorant people.
    You should learn to think objectively.
    I suggest to start your healing.

  2. TedTheAtheist wrote:
    “Your religion is still crap and a lie”
    Hey Teddy… Mama used to tell us kids: “If you can’t say something nice, keep your mouth shut!”

    Maybe this should apply to your keyboard and sin sick mind!
    Any chance we can get a dialogue going; like to help point you in the right direction! And… just for the record, I’m an older gentleman too but non- violent!

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