“Rejection Collection” Contest Tally


When giving out tracts the law of averages means that with every rejection you are getting closer to being accepted, and it indicates that you are doing something to reach the lost. One sure way to get no rejections is to do nothing to reach the lost. No one will reject you, and one sure way to get rejections is to try to reach the lost.

So I changed my attitude recently and when my first rejection came, I was expecting it. Instead of it being like a sword through my sensitive little heart, I said, “Great. Thanks!” and thought, “There’s the first one… I was expecting it.” The experience made me laugh. —From the Living Waters Newsletter, September 1, 2009

I sent in my totals for The Way of the Master contest, “Rejection Collection,” where you count the amount of tracts handed out and keep track of the rejections between the period of September1 through September 10, and figure out the percentage of rejections.

Here are my results: I handed out 1640 tracts and received 414 refusals for a 25.24% rejection rate.

Did you enter the contest? How did you do?


  1. Yes, I entered the contest and I had 1,493 tracts and 469 rejections with a 31 % rejection rate.

  2. I was the honorable mentioned. I just happen to pass tons out a the Labor Day weekend festival called Boomsday(over 400,000 people in attendance.)and the first football game at University of Tennessee pregame “Vol Walk”.

  3. Yes, Robert, i figured that was you when I read the latest Newletter. Congrats!

    That and $2.15 will get you a Vente at Starbucks…. 🙂

  4. Or $2.15 will buy me a hand full of chick comic tracts at the local Christian bookstore.

  5. Wow. Am I the only one who gets rejected more than accepted? Maybe it’s my breath? I pass out tracts on Fremont Street in Las Vegas and I figure I average at least three rejections per tract handed out.

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