A Fully Consecrated Man?


I’ve been mulling over this statement by Henry Varley spoken to a very young D. L. Moody in the early part of the 19th century: “It remains to be seen what God will do with… the man who is fully consecrated to Him.”

Moody thought to himself, He said a man; he did not say a great man, nor a learned man, nor a smart man, but simply a man. I am a man, and it lies with the man himself whether he will or will not make that entire and full consecration. I will try my utmost to be that man.

It is estimated that no less than a 100 million people heard the Gospel from D. L. Moody’s lips.

I laid on my bed late Sunday night reading Ray Comfort’s book on the great preacher called Moody Gold and pondered the word “consecrated.” What does that mean? What does it mean to be fully consecrated to God?  Thinking this through I suddenly remembered that I had not met my daily evangelistic goal; I had completely forgotten about it! Oh well. Too late. I’m in bed. I read a few pages more on Moody as recounted by his best friend, R. A. Torrey:

“…God used D. L. Moody… because of his consuming passion for the salvation of the lost. Mr. Moody made the resolution, shortly after he himself was saved, that he would never let twenty-four hours pass over his head without speaking to at least one person about his soul. His was a very busy life, and sometimes he would forget his resolution until the last hour, and sometimes he would get out of bed, dress, go out and talk to someone about his soul in order that he might not let one day pass without having definitely told at least one of his fellow-mortals about his need and the Savior who could meet it.”

Moody had his own personal Everyday Club! I was amazed at his commitment! Still, I was pretty tired, though, just having finished an eleven hour day at my church. 

I snuggled in and read further through droopy eyes:

“Another night, Mr. Moody got home and had gone to bed before it occurred to him that he had not spoken to a soul that day about accepting Christ. “Well,” he said to himself, “it is no good getting up now; there will be nobody on the street at this hour of the night.” But he got up, dressed and went to the front door. It was pouring rain. “Oh,” he said, “there will be no one out in this pouring rain.” Just then he heard the patter of a man’s feet as he came down the street, holding an umbrella over his head. Then Mr. Moody darted out and rushed up to the man and said: “May I share the shelter of your umbrella?” “Certainly,” the man replied. Then Mr. Moody said: “Have you any shelter in the time of storm?” and preached Jesus to him.”

A still, small voice spoke to my heart, “You can go downtown where the bars are. There, you can fulfill your commitment.”

But my wife! I protested back from the coldness of my own black heart. What will she think if I suddenly leave the house at 11PM? That doesn’t seem practical. I laid there and thought and struggled and prayed and wrestled. I could get up now. God would want me to get up now. He’ll probably even meet me where I’m at and provide the perfect person for me to speak with about his soul….

I turned out the light, rolled over, and closed my eyes.

The next morning, I realized what it meant to be fully consecrated: sacrifice and inconvenience.

I renewed my commitment to share my faith everyday, no matter how impractical, and got my wife’s permission to leave the house late at night.



(Maybe you would like to recommit to your original goal or make a new one. The Everyday Club gives you the opportunity to hold yourself accountable to whatever evangelistic goal that you have set for yourself, providing that it’s an everyday goal. Your goal can be to hand out one tract a day, or a thousand; it’s up to you! (You can join the 80+ others who have already signed up by clicking here!)  If you’d like to post your totals for August, click here.


  1. Thanks Steve. I needed tht as well!

  2. Pastor Stever,

    It is amazing that I had not read your blog in months and that just today God put it in my mind to start an everyday club in my church. I plan on approaching my Pastor tomarrow. I am sure he will be open to the idea as I have shared WOTM stuff and tracts with him before. God has confirmed the idea in my mind because sure enought I came to your post today and it is about the everyday club. I hope to share Ray Comfort’s “love test” with my congregation and then ask people to sign up for the everyday club. I am not sure if you have any pull there or not but I have emailed them about getting permission to share the love test but I have not gotten a response. I have seen it in other places but I know that the Test is published in his out of the Comfort zone book. I am leary of using somethinb published in a book without permission. If you know that it is not copyrighted please let me know.

  3. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, listening and studying (uh, and of course working) lately. Sunday, I spent the day doing laundry after church. During loads, folding, hanging, etc., I listened to messages, studied and read. My wife was tired, so slept a lot of the day. That evening, I visited my in-laws church but gone home pretty early. For the first time in like, forever I was able to go to bed early. I tell my wife, I’m off to the shower, a little reading before sleep, but I was going to bed early.

    As I walk to the bedroom and have my top shirt unbuttoned, I hear my wife from the garage, “Oh, no! My tire is flat!!” Great. Not really happy, I grumbled a bit, but that’s about it. I also lost the tire gauge so was going to have to get that, too. It was gonna take forever. So much for an early evening.

    I went to my local convenience store, picked up a gauge, added air to her not flat, but somewhat low tire. Actually, they were all too low. So brownie points for me. But, I also remembered what I have been doing lately, which is placing one of Living Waters’ tracts called “The Smart Card” into the credit card slot when I get gas. I normally get gas, slip a card into as many slots as I can and then leave. I kind of looks like a credit card anyway. They remove it to put their own card in and so what are they gonna do while pumping??

    So, I got air and was able to leave tracts in about 8 different slots. I was gauged, aired, tracted and home in 10 minutes. No kidding.

    I did get to bed later than I wanted but just a little. I did stay up longer, and that was because I couldn’t stop thinking about the opportunity I had to reach out in my small way.

  4. As always – thanks Steve! I have been encouraged to keep my daily totals.

  5. Sacrifice and Inconvenience. Fully consecrated man of God. Proclaiming my salvation to any and all who will listen. No, I can’t do that!! But, alas I can do all things through Christ who strengtens me!!! Wow, the other day I failed to share or hand out, that’s hand out a tract all day.

    That’s my goal: speak to someone or hand out ten tracts everyday.

    The next moring I was so dishearten, for we had been doing so well over that last 45 days.

    Pastor Steve called me and during our conversation I told him that I had missed my goal. And he was so encouraging. He said “get back in the race and don’t feel so bad”.

    Later, that morning we went down to the Fiesta Hermosa and Brother Eric greeted me and said “Richard, I want to pray for you a prayer of encouragement”. He prayed for me and then I asked him if he had spoken to Pastor Steve about me. He said “NO”.

    Is not our God amazing.


  6. Thank you. I was afraid of the condemnation I would feel behind such a testimony but instead my heart is more impressed upon to go beyond my convenience to speak of God and his greatness.

  7. Thank you and God bless you for your honesty and struggles that I have as well.

  8. I have recently been giving a tract, gospel, NT, Bible or testimony daily. This is my commitment for the rest of this year. By then, I imagine I will be so committed to this that I will continue until the Lord returns. I also want to put together a business sized cool looking card called links4life. It would have great evengelistic website links on it. So if you have some favorite ones, please let me know, especially ones with good evangelistic mini movies. I then want to encourage other churches to make these cards available to their members to pass out as well. For those whom God has created an interest in, I think it would be very powerful for them. Thanks for your input and all you’re doing. c.773-742-2694

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