Radical Street Preachers from Uganda!


These boys know how to do! Watch this one minute video and get inspired to shout at someone, (but if you’re too afraid to do that, then just hand out a Gospel tract.)


  1. I have always wondered how effective this method is. when I was a non-believer I would ignore people like this, but I would almost always take a track and if the person was using a low key approach (that not getting in my face) I would almost always take a few minutes to listen to what they had to say.

    In any case it was an interesting video.

  2. actually I have to agree with Mike. When I wasn’t a Christian I would also ignore these people and scurry by them, thinking them “radical” and “crazy”. I think I did that because I was afraid they might push and push their beliefs onto me, and not really listen to my point of view. THey would talk AT me, instead of WITH me. I wonder what God’s opinion of this is? I wonder what His preferred method of spreading the gospel is? If He even has one……

  3. I have to say, Praise God for those brothers! The Lord actually used a street preacher in my life. I saw him preaching quite radically on a soap box and i greeted him and ended up that day witnessing to a large group of youths with him having never witnessed in public before!!! Also just because you ignored them when you were unsaved (as did i when i was unsaved) doesn’t mean God didn’t or won’t use them in someone elses life. Even if in all the time one person was saved wasn’t it worth it? They are preaching like men who are desperate to save mans life from eternal punishment.

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