Guest E-vangie: Robbed at Gunpoint!

Herman Chi, a Chinese evangelist for many years, just graduated from my evangelism class and he is on-fire. Learning how to use the 10 Commandments, Judgment Day, Hell, and the Million-dollar bill Gospel tract has made him absolutely fearless!

He ran up our church steps the day before Christmas and told me this story of how he was just recently robbed at gunpoint near the local Starbucks in Redondo Beach:
null I was on the sidewalk and a guy pulled alongside of me in a car, pointed a gun, and shouted, “Give me all your money!”

I pulled out a stack of Million-dollar bill Gospel tracts and threw them in his car through the open window. He looked at them and said, “I don’t want those!”

“That’s all I have,” I replied. He sped off quickly.

This is why he’s earned the nickname: “The Hermanator.”


  1. LOL!! Yeah! Take that, you robber! Good job Hermanator!!