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Super Tuesday is next week for Texas and there is one main issue that narrows the Presidential field for me…..

Who gets my vote for President of the United States doesn’t concern party, personality or prettiness.


Full disclosure: I’m a born again, Bible-believing, evangelical Christian who believes that Jesus Christ saves sinners from eternal Hell when they put their faith and trust in him and repent of their sins. I’m also a pastor. As such, I do hope that the leader of the free world would believe in God, and would be a Christian, (the only way to know God, by the way), but I understand that the U.S.A. is not a theocracy.

Now, through a process of elimination, I’m able to narrow the Presidential field, keeping in mind that my all-important issue must be addressed satisfactorily. (I haven’t mentioned it yet.)

First, I eliminate an entire party. Why?

In the 2012 Democrat Convention, God was removed from their platform as well as recognition that Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel. A vote was then quickly taken to restore God and Jerusalem as Israel’s capital back to the Democrat platform, but was denied three times by loud choruses of “NO!” until it was ramrodded back in by a fuzzy vote while many delegates booed.

A party that boos God? And denies him three times? At least they’re biblical.

“For the time will come,” the Bible says, “when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” (2 Timothy 4:3)

Which leaves just three candidates:

#1: A loud, blustery, non-politician who misquotes the Bible and says “Planned Parenthood does a good job.”

#2: A political outsider who is Pro-life.

#3: An establishment candidate who is Pro-life.

Have you guessed my issue? Any candidate who refuses to support the least of these, the future of America, the ones who yet have no voice but are very precious in the sight of God, will never have my vote no matter how martinmuch substance, safety and sanctuary I’m promised.

No person is truly secure if the innocent are not protected, 57 million of whom have already perished at the hands of godless politicians on both sides of the aisle.

I’ve yet to sit out any Presidential election, but if Americans are safe within her borders and with our investments but not in the womb, then my 2016 vote will be exchanged for a prayer: “On the platform of Jesus, here I stand; I can do no other. God help me.”

The Trump Tapes: A new video reveals Donald J. Trump’s take on every major issue affecting our country, in his own words.


  1. Amen. If a candidate gets prenatal infanticide wrong, it reveals something so wrong with their moral formation, I can’t trust anything else they do–and the correlation to other issues gotten wrong is pretty good.


    Hi Steve. For the sake of argument, let’s say your God exists; if your God, tomorrow, decided to kill every pregnant woman on the planet and every newborn (like you believe he did before) what would you say about it?

    And if you understand the US is not a theocracy, why do you care that God was taken out of the Democratic party’s platform? Or is it that you understand but you want a theocracy?

    Why do you think so many Christians are supporting Trump?

    • Rufus,
      If God decided to do it, it would be done in perfect justice. But, I’m not sure what you referring to. He actually killed everyone on the planet in a worldwide flood except for Noah and his family. Read your Bible. The next time God judges the earth, it will be for the last time.

      I wouldn’t trust a party or candidate that does not believe there’s a God. The fool says in his heart there is no God. Ecclesiastes 10:2 says: “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.”

      I don’t believe so many Christians are supporting Trump. C’mon, 76% identified as Christians in 2009 American Religious Identification Survey. Really?

      “Christians,” “Protestants,” “born-agains,” and “evangelicals” are very different groups. According to four separate polling organizations, they view the current number of “Evangelicals” as between 7-9% of the population. Not the 80-135 million as the press touts.

      I’ll be writing more about this “evangelical trend” in a future article.

      Attribution for the above figures are from “The Great Evangelical Recession” by John S. Dickerson.

      • Steve don’t tell me to read the Bible likeI’m a Christian. Perfect justice. How do you know “God”doesn’t want those abortions performed for reasons you aren’t meant to know?

  3. Oh. That’s Luther, right? Man, he sure loved the Jews, didn’t he?

    • We all have flaws. No one is perfect. You aren’t; I’m not. Luther wasn’t. That is why we need Christ’s righteousness. Luther needed it, too. History is littered with flawed Christians doing God’s work; I’m one of them.

      What kind of work are you doing, Rufus? The Bible says you are a son of the devil. So, I can only guess.

      • I haven’t tried to destroy people because they don’t believe what I believe, so I guess I’m better than Luther.

  4. Just an observation.

    If killing an unborn fetus is evil
    God kills millions of unborn fetus
    God must be evil.

    If everything God does is good
    God kills millions of unborn fetus
    Killing an unborn fetus must be good.

    If killing an unborn fetus is evil
    God killing an unborn fetus is good
    Killing an unborn fetus is morally relative and can not be called objectively wrong.

    If God killing an unborn fetus is good simply because everything God does is described as good
    The statement “God is good” has no meaning.

    • Also God does not simply kill unborn fetus through the flood or miscarriage or burning cities to the ground or plague. There are places in the Bible where God orders his followers to do so directly. Pregnant women ordered stabbed through the belly during the genocides in Genesis for example. There is also a passage in numbers where the priests are given the power to produce a magic potion which will induce an abortion in a woman carrying an illegitimate fetus.

      Are the people following Gods instructions in these matters doing good or evil? If they are doing good then abortion is good, if they are doing evil then God orders evil,

      • Can you show me where this is? “Pregnant women ordered stabbed through the belly during the genocides in Genesis for example.”
        And this? “There is also a passage in numbers where the priests are given the power to produce a magic potion which will induce an abortion in a woman carrying an illegitimate fetus.”


    • If God is God and everything he does is just and right, becasue he’s God, then he can do whatever he does becasue he’s just and right.

      Humans are evil and imperfect and everything we do is questionable.

      No comparison.

      Circular reasoning 101. I know. But, unless you have faith, there is no way to explain.

      So I won’t.

      • It is less like circular reasoning and more like a declaration that Christianity does not hold objective moral values. Calling God ultimately just does not really answer the question. If God is ultimately just he would only take ultimately just actions so killing a fetus must be an ultimately just action. On the other hand if it is only just when God does it that is moral relativism, the act itself is not wrong it is only wrong if you lack the authority to do it. Also if any act God takes is called good simply by virtue of being God then claiming God is good has no meaning there is no basis by which God could be judged as good. God could toss babies into hell to be tortured and it would still be good because God did it.

        Now if God orders an act is it by definition good? If God commands an abortion, which God has done, then is the abortion then a good act? If God commands acts of genocide, which God has, then is following that command good? If God ordered you to murder your Children, something God has also done, would you comply?

        As to your request for scripture, the abortion spell is found in numbers 5:11-27
        The ripping open of pregnant women is found in Hosea 13:16 and 2 Kings 15:16

  5. In other old testament genocides the God does not specifically specify ripping open pregnant women but does order killing all non virgin women, many of whom would presumably pregnant, the God also orders the killing of boy children and infants of unspecified gender, sparing only virgin girls which the soldiers could keep for their use.

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