Not Good Enough


Dayshawn considered himself to be a good person at El Camino College, where we are sharing our faith every Thursday. Sadly, he wasn’t good enough to get to Heaven; but he now knows that if he repents and trusts in Jesus, he can be saved.

We gave him a stuffed animal for consolation.



  1. I hope to meet this young man next week. In the meantime, may the Lord grant him repentance! (2 Timothy 2:25)

  2. There are two ways to get into heaven! Keep God’s commandments perfectly, is one way. The other is to repent of one’s idolatrous beliefs and turn to the one and only God, through the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. I do pray that the power of the Holy Spirit of God will descend upon bro Dayshawn, now that the “seed” has been planted in his heart.

    Then, Dayshawn will be called the Dayspring, as visited from on high.

  3. Dayshawn heard the word of God .the word was sown. May his eyes and heart respond to the Holy Spirit and find repentance in God

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