Evangelism Gone Wrong? Pt. 6: Know Your Sinner!


I just had to re-post this for my continuing series on evangelism mistakes. This was a BIG miscalculation (but quite a funny one). Here’s the background: (Start the series at Part 1 by clicking here.)

A drunken Al Pacino look-a-like thinks he’s Tony Montana from the movie Scarface. I made the not-so-wise choice of interviewing him on what he believes about God. He shouts, swears and makes a huge ruckus. I take advantage of the gathering crowd and stand on a stool to preach—only to have it break. “Scarface” finishes it all up with a rousing harmonica solo.

Whew! Talk about things going wrong…



  1. 1) Sad. Very sad state this man is in for sure. We need to pray for him.

    2) Steve: you handled him very, very well. I think it was wise to take him on. People saw that you did not take advantage of this man but that you had a loving message of hope to give to him and for others to hear and take in as well. Tough situation, well handled. God bless you for that.

    3) Aside from the delicate situation, Kim and I are still howling with laughter at your stool collapse!! HILARIOUS! And just at the point when you proclaimed “Even if you break one commandment…” and down you went. Is there any such thing as an “Open Air Preachers Blooper Video”?

    4) Scarface plays a mean harmonica! Good video, Steve.

  2. Wow, that was real funny when you fell off the preaching stool. But, on the serious side Tony reminds me of my Dad. He too was a drunk and loved his beer. He too asked Jesus to forgive him each day and continued to drink and he died. At a recent Ambassadors Alliance outing, I had a chance to witness to Tony in the same area of Hollywood Blvd. Alas, he did not have his harmonica so as to attract a crowd. Instead, it was just Tony and me talking. I took him through the Law several times. Then suddenly, I saw a change come over him and at the end of our time together he went away with a different attitude. He left me in tears and with a thankful heart. Tony thanked me for taking the time to share with him. He made a profession for Christ. I pray that his heart was changed.

  3. “Say hey-lo to my little friend” called drunkeness. Sad, very sad, but great springboard for sure.

    I prayed that when this man gets out of his stupor, that the seed you planted will manifest for the Glory of God.

    God Bless.


  4. What a powerful witnessing encounter! Much is to be learned from this video – it should be used during evangelism training courses.
    Throughout the confusion, you never were deterred from your assignment – Praises to God and thanks to you for getting the message of the Gospel out at any cost!


  5. The guy smelled as bad as his fowl mouth, and you handled everything perfectly. Those stools were breaking during the whole trip! lol! Three times they broke under our feet. That was funny. Cool to have caught it on this clip. An STP classic vid. I hope everyone feels the desperation that was caught on the vid in Tony’s antics. Eternity in Hell is an instant sober.

  6. Yes. This should definitely be in the open-air bloopers. The stool collapse was classic!. Yet what at great example of how to handle a drunk. I like when Steve said, “My turn,my turn”. Also how he reminded Tony that there were children around to watch his language. And yet Steve didn’t dismiss him, continued to pray for him at the end. Finally thanks Richard for the update on Tony, may his repentance and faith be real, that he truly may be able to join our Father in heaven.

  7. Good stuff and to know R.R. came back to Tony and God gave Tony another chance.

  8. That is one crazy video, Steve! Too funny when your stool broke, but I love how you just kept going. 🙂

  9. Steve I learn more everytime I see your posts thank you for info I had the chance to OA to a Moony tonight (nothing like Tony) but OA none the less stay obediant.

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