Michael Jackson: Real Cause of Death [OFFICIAL]


After watching the video below, click to read this excellent article “Why did they die? The truth about the early exits of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett,” by Randy Thomasson, former Hope Chapel member and now director of Campaign for Children and Families.

Then take a trip down memory lane (below the video).

Michael Jackson’s “BEAT IT”
Weird Al’s “EAT IT”

Michael Jackson’s “BAD”
Weird Al’s “FAT”


  1. wow – i’ve seen that vid several times, it’s gr8 – I used the gal’s comment about him being immortal when I OA

    Those articles are amazing – I didn’t know a lot of that stuff ! Amazing how we put people up on pedastals that we shouldn’t

  2. Wow is right. Don’t tell me a good vid editor can’t be used by God. That little vid can save millions from hell.

  3. Quiz: The Pop Gospel According to Michael Jackson
    by David Buckna

  4. These kinds of things have been going on in the entertainment field for decades. The only difference is that everything is out of the closet now. The world of entertainment is fantasy that has enhanced escapism, while producing idols, alternative lifestyles and erosion of family values and morality. The kind of relativism that was shown by the CA beauty queen who declares herself a Christian while believing it is okay to pose nude for photo shoots has multiplied enormously and has spread worldwide via this industry. Why should we be surprised?

    I do think caution is warranted in printing such things as quotes from mags and books: as Christians, we should not be gossiping. Also, what is quotes here is NOT all true. The book written about MJ does contain untruths, according to some of the people who ended up being quoted in the book. By definition, gossip is something that comes from any other source other than the original. I don’t trust what others say – I want to hear it from the source – who is now dead.

    Where the morality of “stars” is concerned, I was reminded of the Singles courses taught by Pastor Steve that I attended at Hope Chapel years back. As Christians, we need to know what Father expects and what we should do to make sure we abide in Him, where coupling and relationships with each other are concerned. This way, we avoid the pitfalls that those in the entertainment industry are constantly falling into. If Christ is our focus, we will not stray to other loves or gods, but will await his timing for our lives. First we must have a working relationship with Christ, before we can have a successful relationship with another (marriage prospect). The Singles courses helped solidify my view on relationships and live up to my creed – that unless or until there is a man who is at least as passionate about the Lord as I am (to eventually marry), I will remain single. I thank you Pastor Steve and hope that you are still giving these important courses. They are most valuable especially today when there is such a glut of broken family and family values!

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