Michael Jackson Died One Year Ago Today


We went to the King of Pop’s Memorial service at the Staples Center last year. Read about what happened by clicking here.

Below, we interviewed a wannabe Gloved One who ran away before I finished talking with him.

And this guy,  Michael Fatson (below), got plain old angry and stalked off in a huff. Why, I wonder?

Read the REAL cause of Michael Jackson death and take a trip along Memory Lane by clicking here.

Click here to read some sad comments by Michael and his ex.


  1. The death of Michael Jackson was a massive surprise for myself and my family, although looking back it was perhaps not so surprising. The child molestation charges pressed upon him impacted him greatly. Once he began to use prescription medicines to simply get by, that was when there definitely was no way back, if you ask me.

  2. i really missed Michael Jackson so much, he is truly the king of pop`;*

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