LA Anti-War Protest (Part 8): The Violent Peacenik


Anti-war protesters are all about love and peace until you preach a message about the true peace that only comes from a personal relationship with The Prince of Peace… then things can get ugly—fast! (Please read the start of this series by clicking here.)

Over the last two weeks I’ve been writing about the most exciting event our evangelism team has ever attended: The A.N.S.W.E.R. LA anti-war protest. But I haven’t yet told you what happened when we started preaching with our sound system, Big Bertha. In the 17-second clip below, you’ll see how poor ole Bertha took the full brunt of a Peacenik’s wrath… yet kept on bleating! Later on this week I’ll detail for you our strategy in reaching these poor misguided souls through our open-air preaching. (Hint: It wasn’t easy).



  1. yeah Bertha!

  2. When you throw rocks into a pack of dogs, the one that barks is the one who got hit… the preaching obviously got to this guy!

  3. Bertha…….1

  4. Amen! Keep preachin 🙂 Great testimonty too to not get all upset when they try to break your expensive equipment.

  5. Peacenik’s wrath. lol!!!

  6. Sad how some want their rights defended, but want to stop you from enjoying these same rights.

    The world is confused.

    California is a wild place in Philly we just want to get through the day without being shot, or taxed too much. I don’t think anyone would actually show up for an anti war rally, at least not if the Phillies were playing.

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