St. Patrick’s Day Parade: Just the Two of Us


It happens to everyone who shares their faith on a regular basis…. You’ve scheduled an exciting time to go out and hit the streets to evangelize, you’ve got the plan, the tracts, you’re prayed up… then on the day of the event, no one shows up. It’s just the two of you: God and yourself. What do you do?

Go out anyway.

“Righteous Richard” Chavarria led our “team” last Saturday to the Hermosa Beach St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Though he went solo, he had an army behind him.

Has this ever happened to you? What did you do, give up or go out? What advice do you have for those in small churches that encounter this obstacle regularly?



  1. Way to go Richard!
    This is a tough one. It’s easy to say hitch up your saddle and head on out, Jesus & me are a majority, I’m never alone, put on your armor be a good soldier for Christ. But, our emotions can run rampant at times like these, at least mine do. I get angry, disappointed, frustrated, point fingers, talk about the apostate American Church. Then after I cool down, I realize its about me, am I going to be faithful? I think of that counter on this website, counting down the people who die every second, many to eternity in hell. Often, these are times of testing, are we REALLY doers of the word, rather than hearers only? Do we REALLY love our Lord? Therefore, we must obey. I think of brothers & sisters suffering alone, often for years in some prison somewhere for their faith. I think of the martyrs and that I can be their voice. Their strength empowers me to press on. I pray & worship. Then God meets me and we have a great time serving together. We’re never promised “easy”, just the the Triune God will be with me forever. Singing along the way helps me as I go…

  2. Obedience to the Lord and the spreading of the Gospel are so important! It’s easy to be discouraged-that’s right where Satan wants us! I’m so glad that you went out and planted the seeds anyway. Your faithfulness in adversity is such a testimony to all of us! Thank you for staying the course! You may never know how your work influenced others. Keep it up!!!

  3. i always end up alone…i like it that way.

  4. i am always alone, i like it that way

  5. so much for posting here huh?

  6. I second what Tom said: WAY TO GO, RICHARD !

  7. I’ve got an outreach planned for this Saturday and have been praying for fellow laborers but so far nobody has committed. I have set in my mind already that if nobody shows up, I’m still hittin’ the streets! Way to go Richard. BTW, it was great meeting you several weeks ago in HB.

  8. Yep! I knows the feelin’! My wife and I are still the only ones in our small church regularly going out to share the gospel in public. Even after many invites for others to join us.

    We got their prayer support. Thats good. We got the compliments, but we don’t care much for those. That being said, we are not discouraged. We continue to encourage. We continue to pray. We trust no matter what and we PRESS ON and continue in our gospel labors on our own.

    If anything, I am very grateful to have a loving wife with the same zeal as I have for the spreading of the gospel. We love being together on our gospel ventures. It’s quality time as husband and wife while we serve the Lord at the same time. God is so good.

  9. Going out by yourself is hard but you just have to have it set in your mind I am going no matter what. I always have that in my head before I know if I am the only one going or not. I actually always assume that I am going to be the only one going and then it is never a let down. I am only excited when someone sayes they are going to go. I have a standing appointment every Wednesday Morning and I just call them on the way to their house to see if I am going to pick them up. They know I am going. They know I want them to go.

  10. Oh yes, we need to support one another, pray for one another, and engage with Open Air preaching. GOD will give us the Words to speak with boldness!

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