Living Waters University: The Goofy Guy


What do you say to a person who won’t be serious as you present the gospel? What if he mocks you, laughs at you? 

You stay serious.


  1. This is a good clip. What I actually noticed is that I think Gabe was very uncomfortable, and thats why he joked around, I think he understood the seriousness of what Ray was talking about, and that made him very uncomfortable. At 5 minutes and 22 seconds around there, he asked Ray to tell him how he could be saved, and I think maybe Ray didn’t quite understand that, since he didn’t really go through repentance and stuff again, or maybe I’m wrong.

    It seems common though in my experiance for people to act the opposite of how they truely feel. I’ve been mean when I wanted only to love, someone I know laughed when they wanted to cry. So I think perhaps Gabe was taking it very serious but afraid to show it.

    Eitherway its good clip to help us prepare for silly answers and to give us the example of staying serious. Thanks.

    (I am also glad you post these here.)

  2. also you don’t have to include this post if you don’t want to, but I don’t mean anything negative towards Ray possibly missing Gabe taking it seriously and asking how to be saved. Its very easy to miss, and I know that Ray knows better than I do, and certainly does more for the Lord than I do.

    We had a guy in jail on tuesday who we originally didn’t think was even listening, but he stayed after and was crying and wanted forgiveness. I guess these are other lessons not to judge according to appearance but to judge righteous judgement, something I seem to fail to do a lot.

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