July/August 2010 Graduation Class


Around 50 people made it through the rigors of our latest evangelism class out of an original 80+. Congratulations all! Let the next Great Awakening begin!

To be a soul winner is the happiest thing in the world. And with every soul you bring to Jesus Christ, you seem to get a new heaven here upon earth. —Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892)


  1. That’s really sad. I seriously doubt an evangelism class would be hard at all. Everyone in my vector calculus class in college completed the course, and I can assure you that vector calculus is a lot harder than anything you could have been teaching at that class.

    I don’t know much about this class or if it was just a witnessing program, but as a graduate of the sciences, if you taught them baloney like the Earth is 6,000 years old or that Noah’s flood really happened, then I am deeply saddened that such a class took place.

    If the class didn’t touch on those issues though, congratulations to the graduates. I hope they don’t try to push their religion on me though.

    Regardless, thanks for the post, and the people in the picture look very happy. Good for them.

    • Yes, it’s a bummer when 30 drop out.

      You must be very smart to know how old the earth really is! 🙂 B

      ut no, we don’t cover “baloney” like that. We do, however, cover the fact that people will be held accountable for their sins and will end up in hell if they don’t repent and put their trust in Jesus. And I hope to gently persuade you as you continue to read this blog.

      Thanks, Steve

  2. Thanks. I’ve been eyeing your blog for a while now, popping in and out from time to time. I’m just usually hesitant about posting.

    Just in case there are any creationists reading: Earth is 4.5 billion years old. We know this through radiometric dating of meteors. How do we be sure of a constant decay rate? First, a sudden increase in decay needed to “make a young Earth look old” would melt the surface of the Earth. In fact, the interior of the Earth remains hot due to nuclear radiation. Secondly, we can actually study the decay rates of atoms millions if not billions of light years away by studying the gamma ray emissions of a novas or supernovas. The decay rate hasn’t changed.

    Radiometric dating, when used properly, will always show the correct dates of known objects. Unfortunately, creationists will try to carbon date an underwater snail or some other thing which does not absorb carbon-14 from the atmosphere, get skewed results, and claim it doesn’t work. If not that, they’ll use the wrong radiometric method all-together. It’s very dishonest.

  3. I remember those unbeliever days when I thought I was so smart, as if science created itself. I remember being foolish enough to think that the extent to which I had learned something, was the extent to which it existed. As if our understanding of science made it so.

    Today, I thank God, that I am not as smart as I think I am.

    Mercy, peace and Love be multiplied unto you-Jude 1:2

  4. Oh, the graduation…sorry I got sidetracked. I got two words for the graduation PRAISE GOD!

  5. Kaitlyn, don’t use the blog to preach the shadowy words of our Dark Lord. It is important to be polite and stay on topic.

    Just look for the evolution tag in the archives and see why Steve doesn’t mention the subject that much (besides being a site about evangelism). Actually, the tag is missing now? Oh well, use the Ridiculous! tag and see Steve run away.

  6. Garrett, sorry, I wasn’t trying to co-opt this thread. I’m a graduate of the sciences and love to educate others whenever given the chance about any scientific topic. 🙂

    And could you please explain what you mean by, “our Dark Lord?” Are you suggesting I speak for the devil? I can assure you that all that I write is out of kindness, helpfulness, and/or concern.

    Thanks for the heads up, and I will try to keep more on topic in the future.

  7. I was being facetious.

  8. I figured that out after reading a few of your posts. You know Poe’s law and everything.

  9. ROCK N ROLL!!!!

    You all are awesome!!!!!


  10. Hmm.

    A picture of an evangelism class. Then a discussion about the age of the earth and radiometric dating.

    Did I just enter the twilight zone?

  11. If a world wide flood did not occur, then how can you explain an ice age and other unique terrains around the globe? Can you actually compare a theoretical/applicable math with social/physiological interaction, not to mention spiritual interaction? What is the accuracy of the radiometric dating that is commonly used to date the earth and the like and what is the procedures/methodology process in radiometric dating? What about the speed of light that was measured a couple of centuries ago and succeeding measurements that show slight changes (slower speed)? Are you making references to poetry or religious fundamentalism (I assume the later)? You might want to try taking the class in order to make an appropriate judgment on whether a class is difficult or not as I am very familiar with vector calculus and how difficult it is in its own right. One involves learning theorems and application of processes/algorithms while the other requires footwork and dialogue.

  12. -A wide variety of factors, including volcanoes, the position of the Earth relative to the Sun and the tilt of our axis.

    -No, because spiritual phenomenon have never been observable and thus not measurable.

    -I believe the accuracy is within X0,000 years. Seems inaccurate, but it’s not that bad considering the scale we’re dealing with (a couple ten thousand isn’t a large percentage of a million). It basically works because we know the half-life of certain things, and thus we can work out dates from there. This is a gross oversimplification, but I’m not going to put a lot of work into something you obviously don’t care about. This is seriously an easy thing to google for.

    -Again, just google “Speed of Light.” It’ll explain it in far more detail than I can here.

    -The latter. So much the latter.

    -Based on this blog, we can guess that the class isn’t going to be one worth taking. I can always take a public speaking class at a community college if I want to learn to dialogue with people.

  13. Not a single person has actually come to church yet. I can’t believe all the excuses people come up with. Especially the “it’s too far excuse”. I’m stunned at how much people will make promises that they don’t keep. This guy I know has lost everything that is important to him, namely his job, he was all prepped to go to church because he felt like he had nothing else to live for. I was so sure he was going to come to prayer meeting this morning. He kept telling me that if I (BaDonna), say it’s a good church, then it’s a good church. He trusts my word, but when his former job hinted that he might be able to come back, God got kicked to the curb. “Oh yeah, I still want to come but…”

    This really hurts to see all these people, drag themselves through the mud unneccessarily. If it hurts me, I know God is feeling the pain. I’m pretty sure that God is looking forward to spending eternity in Heaven with us, just as much as we are looking forward to spending it with Him. He’s going through this with us, and then some, because He has eyes that see. My poor Savior, I know this hurts Him so much, so much.

    Idella came to the pier this Saturday and she had her 2 year old granddaughter with her “Lyric”, who has become the youngest, and cutest evangelist. She passed out the $100 bills, and they were almost bigger than she was. I passed out the Obama bills to all the black people. I colored one of Obama’s teeth gold on the bill. Richard said it was good for me to personalize the bills. He said that if someone comes to church and we ask them how they got there, and they say they were given an Obama trillion dollar bill tract, we should ask them if Obama had a gold tooth and then we’ll know who it came from. Besides having a good time, it’s still depressing not to see new converts, especially when you see them suffering, or even when you can picture them burning in hell forever, begging to be let out. Year after year, century after century, screaming and wailing in agony and torture, and being laughed at by the devil because of it. Think of the cruellest person you can imagine, doing the cruellest things you are most afraid of, and think of who that person is serving. It certainly isn’t God. If we can watch the news everyday, and see horendous atrocities and heinous crimes that offend our sense of morality, (those of us who think we have some) and these things are being committed under the threat of the law, imagine what it would be like spending eternity with these people where evil is the law and there is no presence of God to stop any of it. Do you think there is a different grave for them than for you? And when you get there with them, what do you think they are going to do to you?

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