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  1. Youtube is notorious for bad comments and trolls. šŸ˜›

    I agree with the Joker that you probably shouldn’t be pushing your religion on others. Having a website is fine, but going out and yelling at people… people find that annoying. šŸ™

  2. If you really truly believe people are going to face judgment the moment they die, eternal judgment, then you will do something. You will yell at crowds only so they can hear you. You will talk one on one with as many as possible. You will not care that they do not believe you and may be annoyed. If you really truly believe the Bible, you will do something.

  3. Val said, “You will not care that they do not believe you and may be annoyed. If you really truly believe the Bible, you will do something.”

    Even if your tactics are really pushing people away?

    You guys think you need to do something, fine. But you don’t care if your methods help or hinder. There’s no accountability for your behavior. If someone gets pushed away, you never even question if it was you. “Oh no – couldn’t be because I was a jerk – they just love sin too much.” “Why would I change? God can use me in spite of my belligerent behavior.” or – “This is how God calls to us to preach – everyone not doing it my, er, God’s way, is doing it wrong.”

    I know you’re going to say that you’re accountable only to God. But it’s amazing how everyone has a different idea of what God really wants – and each one of you is so certain that you have it right and everyone else has it wrong.

    • Actually, I’m accountable to my pastor who reviews what I do as well as the Ambassadors’ Alliance, of which i am a member. In a future “Atheist Tuesday” article I will address your concerns and answer what our confidence is in. And I’m not afraid to make changes when made aware that I’m doing something wrongly. Thanks!

  4. Oh – and thanks for the sidebar, Steve. šŸ™‚

  5. Perdita,

    Since our church internet address is printed on our tracts, anyone who wants to complain to our head pastor about what they feel is “jerky behavior” by a member of our evangelizing team has that information. Also, if they ask, I’m sure anyone in our group would tell them the name of our church.

    Before I became a Christian, whenever I came upon anyone wanting to either discuss (on to one) or proclaim (open aid preach) their religious beliefs, my reaction was, “what an IDIOT! What a JERK!! Who wants to hear THAT nonsense?” I saw everything “they” did as acting like a “jerk”.

    When you realize that you have sinned against the Holy and Righteous God, who will judge us all, and send to hell for all eternity, those who are too prideful to repent, you might appreciate that those “jerks” are doing their best to keep you from walking blindly off the cliff you are headed toward.

    As Christians we are commanded to “go out and make disciples” by our Lord Jesus Christ. We obey out of love for Him. By sharing the Gospel, we are showing our love for those we believe are lost in their sinful, prideful ways. Non-believers often see (and hear) evangelists as (acting like) “jerks”. It is all a matter of perspective.

  6. “And Iā€™m not afraid to make changes when made aware that Iā€™m doing something wrongly. Thanks!”

    Really? Seen no proof of this so far. You even refuse to acknowledge simple factual corrections. Like your lame marriage was always ‘a man, a woman’.

    Or when we catch you out you pretend it was a joke.

  7. Ok why did you edit out the last part? Convicted?

  8. SeedSowerJoy:

    If someone did contact your pastor to complain – let’s say someone that was preached at in an elevator, or maybe the owner of a restaurant with outdoor seating – what would the response be? Would your church stop elevator preaching or stop targeting the beer garden? Or would the response be:

    a. “Hey we’re doing it out of love so we can’t be wrong,”
    b. “We may be doing it wrong, but it doesn’t matter because God will make it right,
    c. “We’re doing something right!”

  9. Perdita,

    I can’t answer to those specific situations. But, our head pastor is willing to consider complaints regarding members of the congregation and / evangelizing team.

    One example: Following a complaint from a clothing retailer about our tracts being left in the pockets of coats which were for sale, an announcment was made, to the entire congregation at all 4 services, asking that anyone distributing tracts in that manner please STOP and NOT leave tracts in coats (or books, or other items being sold). We were told to distribute them HAND TO HAND ONLY. That way anyone who doesn’t want one can refuse it.

    Also, this avoids any possible misunderstanding on the part of the customer that the retailer is condoning, or in agreement with, the message on our tracts,

    Another example: When passing out tracts at a certain mall, which had previously allowed us to have an information table (once per month) and hand out tracts, we have been told that, if / when Security asks us to stop, we will stop immediately. If we are asked to leave, we will leave without arguing or insisting on our rights to freedom of speedh in a public place.

    Just a couple of instances where we “COULD (were) be wrong” and we changed our methods.

  10. SeedSowerJoy,

    Thank you. That’s good to know. So the mall allows you there until a complaint is made? I like that – it’s better than outright banning.

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