Destinations: New Evangelism Class, Manhattan Beach, India Independence Day, & Value Added

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I’m including something new to my “Destinations” post on Wednesdays: a video clip from Living Waters University. The new visitors to this blog  may not know how to share their faith on-to-one, so these clips featuring Ray Comfort will be a real value-added treat. Now in addition to knowing where we are going each week (and I hope you’ll join us), you’ll know what to say!

Witnessing to Paul the Catholic

  • My new six week evangelism training, “Sharing Your Faith Without Fear” begins at tonight @ 7pm at Hope Chapel, Hermosa Beach. Cost is FREE!
  • Saturday, August 21st: Evangelism Adventure @ Manhattan Beach—Meet at Hope Chapel at Noon, eat pizza, pray and then go out and share our faith. We leave promptly at 12:30 pm, returning by 4:30 pm.
  • Another team will be headed to another India Independence Day Festival, this time in the San Fernando Valley. Meet at 4:30pm across from the Calvary Chapel bookstore located on the corner of Knox and Vermont in Gardena. Call Tom Nance-Ulrich for more info: 310-619-1588

One Comment

  1. Today I gave a million dollar tract to the bagger at Ralph’s. I told her, “here is a million dollars for your help”. She smiled and said, “thank you very much”. I felt good about myself and this is just one step closer to breaking my shyness on giving these tracts out!

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