Interview with a Gay “Christian”


Last year, I interviewed Rich at the 2012 West Hollywood Pride Parade and asked some very pointed questions about where he would spend eternity. Well, to my delight, I saw him again and he remembered us as the friendly Christians. (The “Christian Thugs” were just down the street. More on them next week. By the way, our message delivered with friendliness and tact is very damaging according to one gay advocate. Read her critique here.)

In this interview you will learn how to answer:

  • What if someone is born gay?
  • Why Jesus didn’t speak about homosexuality.
  • Why “Gay Christians” need to repent.
  • How close to Heaven can you get?

Disclaimer: I called him “brother” only in the sense of a friend, like saying “bro” or “dude.” No, I don’t consider him a Christian brother.

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