IN-N-OUT Preaching


That’s right. This man preached inside IN-N-OUT Burger. Before you pass judgment, watch the 3 minute video then read the back story and my commentary below. Then let me know if you think this was proper.

You never know what can happen during an evangelism outing. People get fired up, God moves and… well, just read the Book of Acts in the Bible!

After a day of sharing our faith on Hollywood Blvd. the evangelism team stopped into the Hollywood IN-N-OUT Burger to grab a bite to eat. Val Scott saw how crowded the place was and said to me, “Man, look at all these people! I want to preach!”

Being the leader of this team it was my responsibilty to see that no one did anything foolish, like preaching inside an IN-N-OUT Burger where there could possibly be some problems. I was on the horns of a dilemma: There were probably a good number of people in the place that would die and go to Hell, maybe even this afternoon. But to preach inside of a restaurant? That’s just not proper, nor respectable. Still, who am I to stop someone from preaching the Gospel? “Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!” (1 Corinthians 9:16)

I thought about it a moment as Val eagerly anticipated my answer. “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes…” (Romans 1:16) Was I ashamed, afraid of what people would think? I was responsible for this team, after all.

Jesus stood up in the synagogue and preached the good news to the Jews, then he rebuked them unexpectedly, causing the Jews to drive him out of town. His message wasn’t very well received, and dare I say, not appropiate. The disciples were forbidden to preach but they did, and with gusto.

IN-N-OUT had no signs stating that it was illegal to preach; it was to be a short message, ninety seconds or so, kind of like singing the “Happy Birthday” song three times. I gave Val my answer: “Go for it, but let’s eat first.”

So he did—after we handed out Million Dollar Bill Gospel tracts to nearly everyone in the place. Our camerman was asked to leave (there were no signs saying that we couldn’t film), so he placed his camera against the window. Val spoke politely, yet firmly. A few people shouted “Hell!” when they were asked where they would go (remember, this was Hollywood). A customer tried to stop him to no avail. Then it was done. A Christian woman thanked him outside and said “Praise God!”

Then Val said in a panic, “Quick! Let’s go! They’re calling the police; I don’t want to go to jail!”

Horatius Bonar (1808-1889) wrote this:

Why then should our preaching be less fervent, our appeals less affectionate, our importunity less urgent? We are a few steps farther from the shore of eternity; that is all. Time may be a little longer than it was then, yet only a very little. Its everlasting issues are still as momentous, as unchangeable. Surely it is our UNBELIEF that makes the difference! It is unbelief that makes ministers so cold in their preaching, so slothful in visiting, and so remiss in all their sacred duties. It is unbelief that chills the life and straitens the heart. It is unbelief that makes ministers handle eternal realities with such irreverence. It is unbelief that makes them ascend with so light a step, “that awful place the pulpit,” to deal with immortal beings about heaven and hell.


  1. I just came from In-n-out and I didn’t even hand out one tract. Thanks for the conviction!!

  2. Absoultely loved it. I really enjoyed the end where the girl came out of In-N-Out and said that she loves Jesus. Then he gave her a tract and said give it to someone else. Praise God!

  3. Wow! How exciting was that? Go Val! Time is short! The customers of
    IN-N-OUT will REMEMBER that day regardless of what they believe. Seeds were planted! If even one comes to faith…PRAISE GOD! The girl that came out to thank you Val…was an encouragement to me & I am sure to you Val! For The Kingdom!

  4. “Well done, good and faithful servant. Here is your crown. Would ya like fries with that?” 🙂

    Awesome job, Val!

    The closest I came to doing something similar was last Easter Sunday. My wife and I went out to a diner for breakfast before attending our church service. On the way out we handed an MDB to every customer and employee in the joint (over 40 people) and when I got to the door I yelled out: “The Lord Jesus Christ has risen! He is alive! Hallelujah!”

    It actually brought alot of smiles upon peoples’ faces. But more importantly it was encouraging, also, to look in the window after we got out the door and see everyone in the place hunched over reading their tracts and seeing conversations starting to brew.

    Do something, do something! Even in a food joint. Ya just never know!

  5. Speechless. I am encouraged by this video. The boldness it must have took. But when you look at the fact that many more will be lined up to enter Hell than to buy a burger. You have to preach! We all should filled with such a burden for the lost that we are willingf to suffer for his name sake. Praise God! You go man! Light the Darkness!

  6. So I just got done with the second week of SYFWF and headed to McDonald’s afterwards to grab some dinner. I decided to give the drive thru guy a tract with my money. I handed it to him, he took it. He brought me my food and I said, “Have a blessed weekend” and he said, “Thank you.”

  7. Wednesday evening I came home to find a neighbor kid who lives at the seedy motel on the corner at my house in need of something. I was able to give him what he needed said goodbye and went inside the house. Immediately God told me to go back out and give him a million and hundred dollar tract. I ran back outside to find that he had not yet left…thank goodness! I handed him the tracts and said they were for him. He was excited and said that he was going to put them on the wall in his room. Praise God!!!

  8. The video came out better than I thought. Good edit. The hardest part was just before saying, “excuse me ladies and gentleman, can I have your attention.” After getting over that, the rest was gravy. Really cool to see this Steve.

  9. Nice to get the message out, but how effective do you really think that type of evangelism is? I think it turns people off more than turn people toward Jesus. Maybe it’s just me though.

  10. Wade, it’s just you. And alot of other people. See, the bad news of the gospel (that we are not righteous and God will judge sin) is only received by a humble heart. We don’t preach this way because it seems appealing to the masses (that would be pragmatism) — we do, because it is most necessary for us to come face to face with our sin before we can see our need for a savior.

    From outward appearances, a 90-second gospel presentation may not appear to be “effective”. However… it can spark conversations– people who are there together eating, may have never talked about their spiritual beliefs before. And now the conversation begins. And people start talking and thinking of God, of eternity, and their standing before God. Consider the one Christian girl who came out and said “Praise God!” with excitement. She was not offended, she was thrilled to see this. It is good to encourage other believers to be a bold witness for Christ.

    There could have been others there who have been considering their mortality, their guilt, and have been “hungering and thirsting for righteousness” and a right relationship with God. Maybe to this point they thought they could clean themselves up and be “good enough” before God. Now, they are pointed to the good news of the gospel– that a righteousness from God has been made known, a righteousness that does not come from the observance of the law but comes through faith in Christ.

    If God grants the boldness and the desire for us to witness to the masses– no matter how unusual it may seem, then God will accomplish something whether we see it or not. And, even if not one person is moved or stirred to turn from sin and turn to God– God is still pleased that His servant is willing to make a fool of himself for the sake of Christ.

    If we are faithful to lift up Christ — to point men to Him, then we should not worry about outside appearances nor let others discourage us. Soli Deo Gloria.

  11. In-and-Out is a Christian company. I donate to them frequently. I wonder what the owner(s) thinks of the evangelism? I’d like to know if they would actually encourage an announcement that is pre-arranged, like a video that constantly plays while customers are in line waiting to give and pick up their orders? Steve maybe you and Ray Comfort could find out. God Bless those Fries!

  12. Looks like “the chicken drop” that you uploaded previously on March 30, 2007 at but now with a short spoken message also!

    Karl Corcoran also uploaded his version on September 15, 2007 at

    I think it’s better than nothing at all!

  13. Great Job on the in and out preaching

    I think we should do more things like that if for nothing so the world will know we are here and are not afraid to do on the edge stuff. Sure the boss didn’t like it and the lost folks didn’t like it…. but thats why we need to take more risk like that and risk reputaion— for the gospel. Lord give us boldness to preach in these last days as we ought to have.

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