BOO!: Freddy Krueger’s Nightmare


Culture of Death week continues…

This is an interview with Freddy Krueger from two years ago in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. You can see by this guy’s body language that the Law was working on him.

This simple Gospel presentation has garnered over 19,500 viewings. Don’t underestimate the evangelistic potential of YouTube, even when you encounter a few sound problems.

If he doesn’t repent soon, Freddy’s sequel will truly be terrifying because there ain’t no Elm Street in Hell…


  1. This is a really ridiculous approach. I have stolen, that don’t make me a theif. These kind of cheap tactics are only any good on the weak minded. I have also given out of my pocket to someone, does that make me a good person, no, and of course you will agree with that. I have had sex with my sife, does that make me faithfull, no. And who says the ten commandments are of any value. And who says that “Oh God” is blasphemy?? hmm ?? If I say “Oh Holy Spirit”, is that also blasphemy?
    When I was a child I done none of these things, was I rightous and clean of sin at birth then? No doubt you will say that “we are all born sinnners”, well this tactic proves nothing at all.
    Also to lust after the woman you want to marry is just natural. Which is why at 13 or 14 you lusted.
    I have also colored in before, does that make me an artist??
    of course not.
    Maybe you think your being celever ‘fishers of men’, but you can only use it on the weak. Paul ‘reasoned’ with the Stoic Philosophers and this cheap crap would not work on them, nor intelligent people today. Why don’t you try that tactic in 5 year old children? Why dont you try it with intelligent atheist? Can you only sway the already churchanized people?

  2. See the only problem with that, is that atheist’s don’t really exist, if you were an atheist, it would only be fair to have all knowledge about God and Satan, to totally disprove the existence of them. Would it be fair to say you are agnostic? Because there is knowledge, you have not explored yet, because a statement like that is pretty bold, well you might say, my profession of Jesus Christ and the existence of God, and The Cross is pretty bold. And it is bold, and while I don’t have all knowledge about the Bible, but the evidence is all around me, to totally prove God. And the Commandments again totally proves to me, and shows the world guilty before God because it bears witness of my conscience. And The Cross and the Blood of Jesus Christ is the only way to be forgiven, to forsake your sin, and come humbly to the Cross, losing all of you, and coming all to Him. You will never understand the things of God, until you humble yourself, James 4:6

  3. Hi John
    Actually I am an atheist. The definition of atheist is without belief in god/s. Just like a child. Now this does not mean that I dont have any beliefs about anything. Just that I do not have a POSITIVE belief in a ‘god’ or ‘gods’. Therefore I can easily admit that I do not know if there is a ‘god’ or ‘gods’ or not. I do know however, that the christian God does not exist, and that does not require the knowledge of the universe. I simply just have to read the bible, and even speak with christians and have a basic observation of the world around me, which I have done many times. I was a christian for 20 years (I know, you will say I wasn’t one in the first place). I have heard all those faulty replies before, they are nothing knew.
    Atheist exist. Its funny that so many christians can say “If god sat next to you, you would still deny his existence”, yet its you who denies the existence of atheist. Thats so ironic in it?!
    Some atheist claim to know there is no God, and there are the majority who will tell you that is not them.
    Most of us are aware that the christian God does not exist. Thats not too hard to discover.
    I have humbled myself for 20 years before this non existant god. I believed he existed. Now as I said earlier, you will no doubt have a list of stock replies to the claim that I was once a christian. Forget it, I have heard them all before, and all they show is how low christians are willing to stoop in maintaining their denial of the real world.
    Have you ever told the truth? then that makes you an honest person.
    Have you ever looked at your self naked in the mirror before? Then that makes you a pervert.
    Have you ever made a video before? then that makes you a film producer.
    Have you ever had money before? Then that makes you a millionare

    See, it doesnt work does it. its called FAULTY LOGIC.
    Having told a lie before does not make a person a liar, this is reality.

    This really exposes how narrow minded you people are. How quick to sum up someones behaviour on very very very little direct information. How judgemental you can really be towrds people. This shows how you really do place people into ‘boxes’

    Agnostic today, is more like one who claims that such knowledge CANNOT be known. Though most agnostics seem to take the route that ANY thing in relation to the religous, CANNOT ever be known. There are ‘strong’ agnostic and ‘weak’ agnostic. The weak agnostic is more common. They have many different stance in regards to christianity. Though many will hold that no truth can be known about christian claims. They are of course wrong. Many christian claims can be shown to be in error. As you may even agree with me on that one (I assume you dont think the large majority of christians teach truthfull doctrine?)
    But seeing as how the Christian God is somewhat of a moving target, this debate will go on for centuries no doubt.
    I see that religous belief like an apendics. It had its use once in the past, but now, the only time we notice it is when its causing major discomfort, or death. Even Jesus agrees with me on this one “People will kill you believing they are doing God service”
    Use my email address if ya want. cjunk @

  4. Sorry, I called you John when its actually Josh. My bad.


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