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(A note to my regular subscribers: This is a reference post to promote the church I’m starting. I will ask people to Google the above title to listen to my show before they attend. Therefore, periodically, I will re-post this every time a new show or two is produced. When you see it in your email, you will know a new show is posted. You can listen or delete the email. Of course, you may also unsubscribe if this is a bother. Thanks a lot!)

The name of my weekly half hour radio show is called “Shine Your Light,” and it is an outreach of Hope Chapel Hill Country, Dripping Springs, Texas. If you missed any of these programs on KDRP, then here’s the place to catch up. Every time a new show is produced, I will just plug it in right here. The format is half music and half teaching, so you won’t get bored. If you are bored, tell me. (This is the fulfillment of a 35-year-old dream. Click here to find out why.)

The regularly scheduled time slot for this show is 11AM Sunday mornings and can be heard on these stations: 103.1 Dripping Springs, 101.1FM Austin, 99.1 Luckenbach/Fredericksburg, 107.1 HD Channel 3. You can also go to, click “On Air” then “Sounds of Sunday” on the drop-down box and we will be at the 11AM sot under Hope Chapel Hill Country.

Below is the archives. Just click each link to listen.



The Greatest Verse in the Bible Series

Part 1: “For God so Loved the World That He Gave”

Part 2: “Whoever Believes”

Part 3: “Shall Not Perish” (Coming in a day or so)

Part 4: “But Have Eternal Life” (Not produced yet)


  1. It’s so Amazing how we as a local ministry in Las Vegas have been mirroring what you have already been doing out there at parades and events which we had to learn since 2010. Wherever we go we share Jesus and even in Kauai on our honeymoon blanketing the island with million dollar bill tracts and witnessing using Way of the Master.
    Then God puts us in touch with Phil & Suzy from who promote putting up the Ten Commandments on the sides or fronts of churches, in vehicles all over to get people used to it while we still can. They have 9 billboards where God has strategically placed them in Las Vegas, and in several other states. We are so thrilled to have come across you Steve as we are friends on Facebook we really had not known how like minded we all are when it comes to proclaiming Jesus!
    We don’t have to be arrested, just respectful and loving toward others. God will stir those hearts that hear the message as His word does not return void.
    We sure wish we could meet you if you are ever in Las Vegas or planning to be in Calif. in March at the Shepard’s Conference 4-10? Please let us know!
    It’s great what you are doing for His Kingdom!
    If you need a 10 Commandment sign on your church please contact Phil and tell him we sent you! He may pay for most of the cost and fly over to see you! He’s passionate about his ministry!

    God Bless You Brother!

    Rod & Rosie Grubb
    Truth 4 Las Vegas

    • I wish I could go this year to the conference. I’ve gone for the past three. This year is a no because of my church plant. I’d love to find out about the 10 Commandments guy. How can i contact him? Also, let me know how I may help in your evangelism efforts. God bless you!

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