Hollywood Anti-War Protest, Pt. 5: Opposing Forces


Good elevation is always an imperative when attending events that cater to large crowds; the higher up you are—the more visible—the better for unsaved people to hear the life-changing, life-giving message of the Gospel. Unfortunately, the more visible you are, the bigger target you make. At the ANSWER L.A. protest on March 19, we had a multitude of platforms in which to herald the Good News.

And we were opposed on every front. (Click here to start the series at part 1.)

On the first block of the march I put our half-mile haler, affectionately named “Hell-boy,” on a tall ledge. (See the other sound systems we use here.)

The reaction to my message was not exactly welcomed. (I took the photo with one hand, and held the mic in the other.) They blocked me, but Hell-boy did his job unscathed.

On the second block of the march, I nestled under a shade tree and put Hell-boy high up  on an electrical box. Again, the Good News was under-appreciated:

When they blocked me and Hell-boy, I simply passed the speaker to a fellow soldier who continued to hold it up and out of the way so the message of peace with God through His Son Jesus could still be broadcast uninterrupted. Hey! What’s that lady reading? Isn’t she the same person who blocked the hater bullhorn guy from part 2?

The third block provided the perfect place to preach: the first floor of the Hollywood Gay and Lesbian center.

I don’t know if I would have been welcomed there had they been open for the weekend.

That’s why we work the weekends!

Yes, I was opposed there, too.

It seems people don’t like it when  I announce that all who break God’s Commandments, by lying, stealing, blaspheming, looking with lust or hating someone would be found guilty of sinning against God and end up in Hell.

Go figure.

Still I was completely shocked when a member of the opposition came up and gave me a big hug. I warmly reciprocated… and continued my mission.

Then, shockingly, a man handed me something that will forever be etched in my memory, a token of love, a delicate, beautiful, dainty and lovely…plastic daisy!

I was so touched, I thought it would make a great visual as I spoke of the love, grace, mercy and forgiveness that was given through the fragrant offering of the Lord Jesus Christ, our  Rose of Sharon.

Click here for PART 6 which tells how the police got involved and put us in the perfect place to preach the good news!


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