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These Gospel tracts are soooo easy to hand out. This is all you have to say: “Happy New Year!”


This is yet another adaptation of our “Will your good outweigh your bad?” tract.

On the back it says: “2009 years ago, Jesus Christ was born. 2009 A.D. means “Anno Domini—In the year of our Lord.” That’s why we say “Happy New Year!” Also, in the bottom left hand corner is the web address, which allows you to put your very own church stamp in the center of the tract.

Our church will be printing 10,000 because we have until the end of January to hand these out!

To your copy machines, evangelists!

Click here to print the outside of the New Year’s tract.

Click here to print the inside of the New year’s tract.

Click here for the multi-use “Will your good outweigh your bad?” tract.

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  1. Just got back from Thailand. Took Several New Years tracks with me. Left a few in the hotel room 🙁 On the last day of our tour I sat with two young men on our tour from Australia and asked them if they were christians? They had no religious back ground so I explained Christianity is called the “good news”, but the “good news does not make sense without the “bad news”. So I gave them each a tract. Told them to read about the “bad news” and then the “good news” and Christianity would make sense. They both promised they would and we went on our separate ways.

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