Imprisoned for Cause of Religious Freedom!


One of Pittsylvania County’s most significant roles in American history is that of a birthplace of religious freedom. Before the American Revolution the Anglican Church was tax-supported, and “dissenting” Christian groups were discouraged and often persecuted.
null Because of the depth of Baptist sentiment in Pittsylvania, it is understandable that this county became home to the beloved Baptist preacher John Weatherford during his last 10 years. Weatherford had suffered more persecution than most for his preaching, carrying scars to the grave. While imprisoned for preaching in 1773 in Chesterfield County, he had continued to preach to large crowds through the jail window, his hands extended through the bars. His extended hands proved a tempting target for knife-wielding ruffians who slashed his hands. Click here to read the rest of the article from “Imprisoned Preachers and Religious Liberty in Virginia” by Lewis Payton Little. Lynchburg: J.P. Bell, 1938.

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