Salvation Vacation 4: Million Dollar Mime


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Everyone loves a mime.

That’s not true.

Kids love mimes; most adults can’t stand them. But there are some good ones, like at SeaWorld. In anticipation of another otter/seal/walrus act, a mime came out to do a pre-show warm up for the audience. At my insistence, our 8-year-old D. D. climbed to the front of the stage and handed the mime a million dollar bill Gospel tract.
null He showed it to the audience and then the audience clamored for them. D.D. then ran back to the front and gave the mime a stack. To our amazement the mime ran into the audience and started handing out the tracts to all who wanted them.
Talk about a silent witness!!!

Create your own pre-show fun by helping to alleviate the boredom that accompanies a long wait before a whale/dolphin/trained jellyfish spectacle, by sharing your Gospel tracts with all those around you. null Let them read about their standing before a Holy God who will judge them against His perfect Law and if found guilty will end up in Hell. Before the singing sea anenome takes the stage, allow them to reflect on whether they want to repent and put their trust in the Savior—all by reading a simple Gospel tract

Take the edge off of shelling out your six clams for a drink—by giving the vendors a million!
It’s better than working for peanuts…

SHAMU!!! Gesundheit.

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