Gospel in Gomorrah: Preaching at the Gay Pride Parade

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Despite my warnings Paul Latour and his wife Kim went to the parade. Despite my cautions that the homosexual participants and supporters in the Ottawa, Canada, Gay Pride Parade would confuse them with the hate preachers from Kansas, they trusted God and fearlessly, boldly, took a stand for Christ in the midst of the pagan revelry. Believe it or not, this was only his eighth time preaching in the open air. Here’s his report:

Despite a few middle fingers

…a few verbal insults, a gay flag being waved in my face…

…being surrounded by burly men wearing not much more than feathers, and LOL mockery…

 …the grace laden gospel of Jesus Christ was preached during the annual Gay Pride Parade in Ottawa, yesterday.

Though nobody dropped to their knees in repentance, I was able to see as I was preaching, a number of faces in the crowd that indicated to me that they were listening somewhat intently to what was being said.
I preached the same gospel message as I always have to any other generic crowd: “For ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”  A message for ALL people and not just for homosexuals.
Earlier during the parade, Kim and I saw the expected entourage of United, Anglican and other liberal “Christian’ church leaders and their congregants marching with their banners and signs in full support of the gay and lesbian lifestyle. The parade came to a halt as it did every 10 minutes or so for about a minute.
The leaders of the “Christian” participants were stopped right in front of where we were standing. I took advantage of this opportunity. I wormed through the cheering crowd, walked into the middle of the street and confronted these so-called leaders for a 30 second rebuke of what they were doing and called on them to repent.

In my short discourse, I told them they were taking people to hell with them by encouraging celebration of their sin as opposed to repentance of their sin. They told me I was going to hell for my ‘intolerance’. But what can you expect from unregenerate church people?

It was a very hot afternoon but we suffered most in the witness of hundreds of young children and youth, brought there by their parents, being exposed to raw sexual perversion passing by their eyes on the streets, even things you would not let any child see on TV. It made us so angry.

After the parade and preaching, we handed out a few tracts here and there but were too hot and tired to carry on much longer. We were pleased and gave thanks to God for the opportunity to preach the gospel truth to those most needy of hearing it. Even if it caused one soul in the crowd to be stirred and steered toward true repentance, it was worth it. Remember this: Had it not been for the grace of God in your life, that soul could have been you.

George Whitefield, that great preacher of the 18th century who helped bring about The Great Awakening in America, encouraged a new open air preacher with these words:

“Let the love of Jesus constrain you to go out into the highways and hedges to compel poor sinners to come in. Some may say, ” This is not proceeding with a zeal according to knowledge;” but I am persuded, when the power of religion revives, the gospel must be propagated in the same manner as it was first established, by itinerant preaching.

“Go, dear sir, go and follow your glorious Master without the camp, bearing His reproach. Never fear the scourge of the tongue, ot the threatenings that are daily breathed out against the Lord, and against His Christ. Suffer we must. Ere long perhaps, we may sing in prison, and have our feet in stocks; but faith in Jesus turns a prison into a palace, and makes a bed of flames become a bed of down. Let us be faithful today, and our Lord will support us tomorrow.”

Read my experience of witnessing to a young homosexual man at this article: The Shepherd of Brokeback Mountain”.

Paul’s experience inspired me to warn of “The Three Do-Nots” of open air preaching. Read them here.

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  1. Wow, that was as bold a witness for the truth of the gospel. Great work Paul and Kim. While I read this report I thought of the old testament prophets who were killed because they told the truth. And, yes, thereby the grace of God go I. May just one come to repentance and salvation.

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