Weekend Adventure: Fiesta Hermosa


Over the Labor Day weekend, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, we will be out at the crazy bacchanal called the Fiesta Hermosa.

We’ll have our “Intelligence Test” booth setup, we’ll preach at the bus stops, hand out tons of tracts, and hopefully, nobody will go to jail. Join the fun, 8am-7pm at the base of the Hermosa Pier all weekend!

Read what happened last time and how we used the Intelligence Test booth by clicking here.


  1. Praying for your witnessing outreach. We’ll be doing similar here in Johnson City, NY (Next to Binghamton) at a local carnival type field days. May God’s Name be Honored and Praised as we seek to save the lost together on different sides of the country. Until the Nets are Full, Nate

  2. Coast to Coast. God is calling out a church a spotless bride. May many come to a saving knowledge of the only way.

  3. Me and a buddy of mine who is new to the faith were at the Hermosa Fiesta on Saturday evening for a shift and are going back this morning on monday. It was absolutely incredible to see so many people who actually thought they were going to heaven b/c they lead a good life. It is mind blowing that people dont preach the law enough. My buddy and I got the oppurtunity to talk to so many people w/ boldness and not fear. I pray the church all steps out of their comfort zone and preaches w/ boldness and not fear. Thanks to the mighty men and women who are bold enough to be out there and put this on! God bless!

  4. steve can you provide me with biblical references to preach publically. I can think of numerous passages that call us to preach in the markefrom the rooftops etc. I’m conversing with someone who disagrees with the great commission and I would appreciate your quick response . I know you could do this faster than I could thanks for your help. This person knows the gospel and believes that all public preaching was within the context of “church”.I want to present a thorough case for what many believe is self agrandizing(?) self promoting. God

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