Stupid Million Dollar Bills, Part 2


A man questioned our church’s motives for handing out the Million Dollar Bill Gospel tract.
On the website at our church, Hope Chapel, we have a place for recipients of the bill to click and post any comments or questions they may have regarding the tract they received. Here is a comment from a man (bad spelling and grammar unedited) who was not too appreciative of someone’s evangelistic zeal.

Who gave you the tract? “Some idiot on the street”

“I sincerely think you guys are really loosing your sheep at such a fast pace that you need to resort to marketing salvation to reel in more sheep. Such a waste of time, people are weak minded and in such try to turn to a much higher power for answers and when they don’t get results the lose belief anyways. But don’t get me wrong I do believe in g_d but absolutely not in his son. Why go through with the son when you can actually go to the source directly that which is the true father.

“You must truly be blind but g_d himself(not jesus) told Moses that no other person should be worshipped but him(the father). I mean literally g_d didn’t actually tell the prophets to worship his son in writing now did he? (Bible doesn’t count..just a faiy tale). and I fail to see any correlation between g_d being jesus.”

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  1. The guy sounds like he’s jewish – with his reference to God as G-d. I hope someone shares with him someday, I John 2:23. “Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: but he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.” I remember leaving a MDB tract on the windshield of a car. Our church was meeting at a Coffee house,which was right next door to the bar. The next morning, one of the MDB tracts was at the front door with all kinds of commentary on it. I keep it in my billfold to remind me who effective MDB tracts are and the need to reach the lost.

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