“Golden Compass” Tracts: 100 for 1 Cent!


The Golden Compass movie flopped. That’s good and bad news. It’s good news because it’s a bad movie, but it’s bad news for Living Waters Publications because they have 160,000 copies of the tract left.

They wrote this in their Newsletter:

“We know that they will eventually sell, but we would rather let you have them at no charge while the movie is still topical. So, if you cover shipping costs, you can have them at a penny a pack (we have to charge a penny for our system to work). Get them now while stocks last.”

I’ve sent “Righteous Richard” Chavarria on a mission to go on down to Bellflower Friday morning to pick up $5.00 worth.


  1. Wow! I just got the e-mail yesterday and they’ve sold out today.

    I guess at that price they will go fast.

    I’ll just be quicker next time.

  2. If the movie flopped maybe we should not give it more advertisment with a tract about it. Just a thought.

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