The 12 Tracts of Christmas


At the beginning of December I made a proposal to my Senior Pastor and boss, Zac, that went something like this: “I have a special tract that the whole congregation can pass out; it’s easier to give away than the million dollar bill; and we can motivate the whole church to do it by calling this program The 12 Tracts of Christmas. 

On the outside the tract will say ‘Happy Holidays!’ so as not to offend anyone. 
null “All we have to do is greet strangers and friends with a cheerful ‘Happy Holidays!’ and hand them one. I think we can print 10,000 of these easily with the whole church getting involved in handing them out. We will just convert the “Will your good outweigh your bad?” tract.

“On the back of the tract we will print, ‘Indeed, have a happy holiday, but the reason for the season is Jesus Christ! So… MERRY CHRISTMAS!’ And of course on the inside people will measure their “good” compared to the standard of God’s 10 Commandments. That will be the offense.”

We rolled out the program and what were the results? We ran out of tracts before the fourth service congregation left the building. We printed 10,000 more the next weekend. Gone.

We’re now preparing our “Happy New Year 2008 A.D.” tracts for January.
null 20,000 of them!


  1. hi,
    how or where can i get my hands on some modified Christmas and New Year tracts?

    stat please =D

  2. Praise God for your faithful obedience to obey the Great Commision! is there any way you could post or email me the pdf of the revised Christmas? God bless you.

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