Fun with Evolution: Elephant Man?


In a recent article called “Darwinism’s Rubber Ruler,” from the Institute for Creation Research, they demonstrate the very flexible nature of evolutionary theory. Read the quote below and ask yourself: If the rare episode of “backward evolution” is true, could an elephant be my forefather?

Indeed, it’s thought that even human evolution may have gone backward. Science writer J. N. Wilford reported, “Australopithecus africanus, which lived in southern Africa, had more archaic, apelike arms and legs than the earlier A. afarensis.” Wilford quoted evolutionists Drs. Henry McHenry and Lee Berger as saying, “For Lucy and her kind to evolve into descendants with more apelike limbs…evolution would have to go backward, which rarely happens.”

Wow! Think of the evangelistic possibilities! For the timid to obey Christ’s command to “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation,” they may want to go to the zoo to share their faith—with creation!—starting with animals first, then working their way up to humans!

Now, you may be wondering how an elephant might be my granddad? Well, given the highly malleable texture of evolutionary theory,  (at least according to this article), maybe in rare instances it works sideways and upside down, too. We may even see a somersault….


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