Famous Lost Words: Advice Columnist


The L.A. Times features advice columnist Carolyn Hax regularly. Read her answer to a person whose co-worker is a rather obnoxious Christian..

Dear Carolyn: My co-worker seems to have made it her mission to convert me.

null She treats every conversation as if it’s a chance to make points about her religious beliefs. I can’t even congratulate her for getting shoes on sale without her saying something like, “The Lord favors His own!”

If we’re working on a project together, she’ll say, “Oh, last night I was thinking about our report and the Lord told me we should….”

She works in the next cube, so I can hear her on the phone with her church friends, all pumped up about how “people are going to try to shut you up, but you’ve got to speak up for Jesus!”

I just keep repeating, “Well, you know I’m not a believer.”

But my inclination to be respectful of others’ views seems to put me at a disadvantage with someone who doesn’t respect mine.

Here’s Carolyn’s advice:

Your vocal nonbelief doesn’t deter her fervor, it fuels it…

But you can’t make a point she refuses to take, especially not by undermining your own beliefs: You are expressing your religious views when you apparently believe its inappropiate to do so at work.

Although you can’t make her stop broadcasting her convictions, you can certainly live yours, by decining to engage on faith. When the Lord tells her what to put in her report or on her feet, limit your responses to the contents of said report and shoe box.

Ther’s no tug of war if you drop your end of the rope.

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