Evangelism Adventure: St. Patrick’s Day Parade


We will be examining people at the Hermosa Beach St. Patrick’s Day Parade to see if they have the luck of the Irish… and if they think that they are lucky enough to get to Heaven. We will be handing out hundreds of green Million Dollar Bill Gospel tracts and green Giant Money tracts.

Meet at Hope Chapel at a SPECIAL TIME: 9:30AM to walk down the street together. The parade starts at 11AM. (See last year’s photo album here.)

***Read the 11 things you can do while witnessing at a parade here!***

Next week: An anti-war protest in Hollywood. Mature audiences only. Meet to carpool at 10AM.


  1. I’ll be praying for you and your team, brother. Unfortunately, I have to work on Saturday during our St Patrick’s Day Parade otherwise I would be doing the same.

    What I will TRY and do, however, is go out late on Saturday night and preach to the lineups of spiritually green young people waiting outside in the cold before heading in for their annual greenbeer drunkathon.

    I hope to preach the same message that Patrick preached throughout Ireland for 40 years so long ago. I think he was one of the first preachers to utilize the Good Person Test. 🙂

  2. Hey, if your going this Sat. don’t forget to wear green!

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