Living Waters University: What to say to a Catholic


How frustrating! Catholics believe all the major tenets of our faith, but fall quite a bit short of the truth. Here’s how to handle that… (After watching this, click here to see a lady loudly reciting a “Hail Mary” as she heckled “Righteous Richard” Chavarria during a Notre Dame vs. USC football game last year. USC won.)


  1. Ray, can really strike a cord with the lost.

    Praise the Lord

  2. RR – that’s “Chord” lol – you must’ve gone to LINCOLN HS – anyone from ERHS would know that.

    Speaking of Hail Mary’s, as soon as it’s available, I’m going to post a pic from St Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, of a statue of Mary and a figure (another statue) kneeling before her in prayer. You think the Catholic’s esteem the blessed virgin just a little too high ? Ya think ?

    Praise Him !

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