Evangelism Adventure: Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair (and our lawyer’s letter)


This is the last street fair of the year, and believe it or not, we usually encounter a little trouble when passing out tracts here. Even though it is protected speech, the police and organizers aren’t aware of that fact. Just to make sure that they are aware, we contacted our lawyer and had him send a friendly “reminder” letter apprising them of our First Amendment Rights. This worked wonderfully when it was sent to the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Police Dept. before we went to that city’s street fair to evangelize. Will it work this time, too? Find out by joining us at Hope Chapel at noon where we will gather together to carpool.

Read a sample portion of the firm but gentle letter from our lawyer:

(A portion of our lawyer’s letter to the organizers of the Fiesta Hermosa in May 2011)

As you may be aware, the right to assemble and exercise free speech is protected pursuant to the United States Constitution, as well as, the California State Constitution. This right is paramount to all.

…Those wishing to promote Christianity and the wonderful teachings of same will be distributing literature pursuant to their First Amendment rights, along with other vendors and public interest groups. I trust that there will be no interference of this peaceful behavior by law enforcement authorities or public entities and, that they will be afforded the rights of every other citizen attending the event. I trust that this will not be a problem to the City of Hermosa Beach or Festival organizers.

As you are fully aware, the various law enforcement agencies have a duty to protect free speech and those exercising same from any harmful conduct.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation. Should you have any questions regarding the aforementioned, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Very truly yours,





  1. Steve why should they not censor you at their event? You seem to have no qualms about censoring people here.

  2. Steve

    I looked at the Manhattan Beach Fair website. I was surprised to see a header called “Free Speech”.

    Did you guys get a permit? Do you even need one?

    I’m tempted to go just to see The Sanchez in action. I also want my Teddy Trillion.

    I’ll wear blue jeans so you can easily spot me.

    Vaya con Dios, El Sanchez. Vaya con Dios!

    Manhattan Beach Fair website:

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