“180” the Movie (Caution: graphic content)



I’m not kidding when I say this: I watched and fought back the tears.

This is a video that will change multitudes of hearts, and more importantly, save millions of babies’ lives. You will be shocked as you watch how much our society has forgotten. Please invest 33 minutes of your time. It truly is a matter of life and death.

“I give my unflinching, joyful, trembling Yes to ‘180’. Unflinching, because it’s right. Joyful, because it’s good. Trembling, because this our defeated enemy is still vicious.” —John Piper

“Riveting!” —Joni Eareckson Tada

Mind-blowing and unforgettable!” —Randy Alcorn


  1. EDIT

    To all atheists: It was great having you here for awhile. I will understand if you choose to not comment on this blog anymore.

    This film is way too important to allow belittling comments; that’s why I have edited them to be more reader friendly. The lives of the unborn are way too important to allow any comments that would say otherwise. So again, if you comment on this film, and it is not a worthy comment, that is, if you have nothing to bring to the table in support of this wonderful work, then I will edit, censor or dispose of your comments. I want people to think well of you. To allow negative comments might be a great discouragement to the Christians who follow this blog.

    I sincerely thank you for your past participation and for your understanding.

  2. I get tears in my eyes every time I’ve watched this and hear the Russian man who lost almost his whole family during WWII.

  3. God made that film. It was so well done it felt like God reaching in and turning knobs inside. It will make a difference… if time permits.

  4. Absolutely excellent work! Surely no one can watch that without crying.

    This could be the hot iron that moves Christians from their seats for evangelism. With tools like this, how can we sit still?!?

  5. Today, brother Dennis and I passed 5 of these DVDs to the first 5 people who asked for them at the DMV. We could have passed out more. The holocaust, abortion, the law, the gospel all on one DVD. This is indeed the best work Ray, Mark and Eddie and the whole Living Waters team has ever done. This will be a tool that will be as important as “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” has been to awaken the Church. Pray that each eye that watches this video will be convicted and turns to the Savior. And to God be the Glory.

  6. Turns out you’re just another liar for Jesus. See you in Hell.

    • How did this get through, but our civil comments get altered or deleted?

      • I wanted to give a representative sample of some of the nasty comments I have been receiving from atheists as a result of posting this film on my blog.

        Thanks for asking! 🙂

      • Maybe my last one was deleted in error, so let’s try again.

        You want to give a representative sample of the nasty comments, but none of the ones that disagree with you in a more civil manner.

        That is not being being honest, Steve. I’m wondering how you can live in such a conflicting, duplicitous manner.

  7. I have yet to watch the film, how graphic is the movie? When it comes to the issue of abortion I can only take so much it is such a horrific thing. I don’t have to see this film to know that it is well done. God bless Living Waters and may the fight for the unborn grow with every passing second because of this film!

    • Sorry Thomas, I tried to inform of the nature of the imagery of the film so you could make an informed decision to view the film, but apparently that’s not allowed. Why Steve would delete my response and not make the effort to respond to you himself, I don’t know, guess he doesn’t want you to watch it.

  8. Did you see Ray has just put out a press release about how were are planning to hack 180… 6 weeks ago?

  9. A convicting, moving, and excellent film. We should never forget the horror and evil that was allowed.

  10. Did you make a cameo in the movie?

  11. So the people who have no problems with god-ordered infanticide in the OT and with all the miscarriages that he allows now, are still trying to pretend to be “pro-life”?

  12. By the way, I”m saving the page where it says that my comment is being held…even after you delete it, I’ll still have a copy of it, in context so you can’t lie about what I said.

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