EV TIPS: 3 C’s to Remember


We have a command from Jesus to “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” This literally means “go into ALL the world.” That includes bars, movie theatres, stadiums, “Red Light Districts,” Chinatown, Koreatown, and Boystown. It also includes places where freedom of speech is protected and where it ain’t, which means public places and private spaces.

Not everyone is built the same, though.

That’s why I tell people that they should not only be led by the Holy Spirit, but also by the three “C’s”:
This will help you to go into all the world and not stumble while doing it.

After all, one man’s Areopagus may be another man’s Sodom.


  1. I thought we weren’t allowed in public spaces…..

  2. Public places are PUBLIC places. The First Amendment guarantees us the right to speak in public places.

  3. I also believe Ephesians 5:3 applies to Mark 16:15. A man does not approach a prostitute in a vehicle and pick her up for the purpose of evangelizing her. Or a guy attending a porn convention thinking that he will not fall into temptation even though he is convinced otherwise. Or being alone with a girl from Church for any length of time for counseling. Going into all the world is not a license to go wherever a person wants to go without considering the consequences for their actions, whether it will be falling into sin or causing another person to stumble should be seriously considered as scripture tells us.

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