Guest E-vangies: FROM DISNEYLAND TO FINLAND By Warren C.

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Today we went to Disneyland (otherwise known as “DL” in our household or DL could mean “da lost”). This time I avoided the rookie error of not taking enough Million-Dollar bill Gospel tracts; I stuffed a stack in my right pocket. Throughout the day I handed out quite a number of bills. Toward the end of the day I was sitting on a bench with my son Jacob at the end of Main Street near the Baby Center. The gentleman next to me looked at Jacob and smiled. Jacob was already holding the Million-Dollar bill. I like to strategically place the bill in Jacob’s hand. As people come by, they are curious, so they stare and take the bait!

“Jacob, give the man a million-dollar bill,” I said.

“Thank you,” said the gentleman.

“What’s your name?”


“I’m Warren and this is Jacob.”

“Hi Jacob.”

“Where are you from?”


“Enjoying your stay?”


“Can I take a picture of my son and you with the million?” I asked.

null I took the picture and Ritos’ wife came out of the Baby Center with their 22-month-old daughter. They started speaking to each other in Fin, saw the bill and quickly stuffed it in her purse.

“Bye,” said Ritos.

“Bye,” I said.

In an international meeting place like Disneyland we don’t have to go overseas to reach people with the Gospel. Disneyland brings the world to us.

Isaac, my second son is 8 months. He’s just waiting to pass out his first million-dollar bill!

(Note: This is the youngest photographed evangelist on the blog.)

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  1. hahaha….way to put those kids to good use! 🙂 Your son is soooo adorable I want to take him home with me! 🙂 Good job with the tracks, what an awesome idea. You must have been able to hand out a billion tracts at a place like Disneyland!!

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